Arriving at Delhi International Airport: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated on Jun 13, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

The Delhi international Airport is known as Indira Gandhi International Airport or IGI Airport, and it is one of the major airports for international travelers, traveling in and out of the country, and hence the most busiest airport.

The Delhi international Airport is in fact located in the capital of India, and is the center of both domestic and international flights. With the rise in the in-flow and out-flow of international visitors to India, the airport has undergone tremendous changes, right from expansion of the airport, including every technologically advanced amenities to changing the interiors of the airport.

On your arrival at the Delhi International Airport, the first thing that will capture your attention is the modern and well-maintained infrastructure. The airport offers all the modern facilities and services to make sure that travelers are having a convenient and comfortable travel experience.

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What is the basic Airport Layout of the Delhi IGI Airport?

The Delhi International Airport is spread across a vast area, comprising many terminals to handle both domestic and international flights. The IGI airport has 3 terminals, that is T1 (domestic flights), T2 (domestic flights) and T3 (international flights). Each terminal is designed to offer take-off and landing facility of the designated flights assigned to them. It smoothly ensures the check-in and boarding of the airline passengers.

Terminal 1 (T1): Domestic flights

The T1 terminal is for domestic flights, it is dedicated for low-cost airlines such as SpiceJet, IndiGo and GoAir. The T1 terminal has 2 separate buildings for departure and arrival. The Terminal 1D is used for departure of the flights and the Terminal 1C is used for arrival of the flights. To ensure comfort for the passengers, it has included facilities like security check-points, check-in counters, restaurants, cafes, retail shops, lounges, baggage claim area, etc.

Terminal 2 (T2): Domestic flights

The T2 terminal is also used for domestic flights, but for full-service carriers like Air India and Vistara. It offers facilities like security check-points, check-in counters, retail shops, lounges, restaurants, cafes, baggage claim area, etc.

Terminal 3 (T3): International flights

The T3 terminal is used for handling international flights, but some domestic flights like Air Asia, also land and depart from this terminal. The T3 terminal features modern architectural design and offers all the amenities like lounges, duty-free shops, restaurants, check-in halls, immigration and customs facilities, and a wide variety of retail options.

The T3 terminal is divided as Concourse A (domestic flights), Concourse B (international flights), and Concourse C (also for international flights).

How to Clear the Customs and Immigration at Delhi Airport? Easy Tips

On your arrival, when you exit from the flight, follow the immigration signs, if you can’t locate it ask the airport staff. International travelers on-arrival need to present the passport, visa (in case required) and passenger arrival card. Most international flights provide the arrival card on-board, fill it correctly. Also, keep other important documents like invitation letters, hotel reservations, travel plans, etc.

For Immigration

  • Based on your nationality and visa type, join the immigration line.
  • Present your passports, visa and arrival card
  • Answer all the questions correctly honestly asked by passport control officials
  • Photo and fingerprints might be taken

For Customs Clearance

  • After clearing the immigration, follow the line towards the baggage claim. Collect you luggage and head towards the customs area for clearance.
  • Follow the signs indicating towards the customs area.
  • Declare the items that are mentioned in the declaration list, for example restricted items, goods exceeding duty-free limit, currency more than the limited amount, etc.
  • In case you don't have any security items to declare, you can head towards the green line.
  • In case you have restricted items to declare follow the red channel, declare them to the custom officials. Not declaring might lead to serious fines, penalties, etc.


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Need Special Assistance? What are the Emergency Services and Support at Delhi Airport?

If you are in need of emergency services and support at the airport, take help from the airport staff or airport security staff members. Here is a list of the emergency service support available at the airport:

Medical Assistance

Delhi Airport is equipped with the best medical facilities and offers medical and first aid services to the passengers immediately, if needed in case of emergency situations.

Security Assistance

In case of security threats, the airport security officials provide assistance to handle any security issues instantly.

Lost and Found

In case a passenger loses any of his belongings, can contact the Lost and Found department of the airport for assistance.

Police Assistance

The airport police are ready to assist the passengers related to security, loss of items or any other emergency. Also, ready to tackle reporting criminal incidents.

Fire and Rescue Services

In case of fire emergencies the fire and rescue service of the airport is in action to tackle any emergency, equipped with the best firefighting equipment and trained firemen.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

For emergencies, related to evacuation, the airport staff members are trained, they know the evacuation routes and assembly points for the safety of the passengers, follow the instructions provided by them.

Customer Service Desks

The airport has designated customer service desks where you can seek assistance, related to any inquiry like transit service, flight information, how to check-in, etc.

How to Stay Connected at Delhi Airport? Does it Offer Free Wi-Fi and Communication Services?

The airport offers Wi-Fi and communication services to help the passengers to stay connected, and have a wonderful travel experience. Here is how you can stay connected at the airport:

Wi-Fi Services

It provides Free Wi-Fi access to the passenger, so you can easily connect by simply selecting the Wi-Fi network called DEL Airport Free Wi-Fi. When you select the Wi-Fi network, login to access the internet.

Premium Wi-Fi

This service offers faster Wi-Fi service with higher speed and additional features, but you need to pay a nominal fee.

Internet Kiosks

There are also internet kiosks located at different points of the airport, passengers can easily connect and get access to free internet service for a certain fee or for a limited time period like 1-2 hours.

Cellular Connectivity

The airport also offers cellular connectivity, passengers with Indian cellular network will have no issues staying connected with their data services within the premises of the airport.

Communication Services

The airport also offers various communication services at designated areas of the airport. The services include public phones, postal services and fax machines.

Airport Information Desks

If a passenger is having issues while at the airport with Wi-Fi connectivity, cellular connectivity or communication services, they can get in touch with the airport's information desks.

Important Points for International Arrivals

Upon arrival in the airport international passengers are requested to provide a copy of the eVisa, and their passport. The immigration officials in the airport will verify your details. The international passengers are also requested to fill the Immigration Arrival Form as they have to show it to the immigration checkpoints.

When you exit from the plane and walk towards the passport controls, you will find that there are different lines for airline crew members, Indian passport holders, diplomatic passport holders and eVisa for India. Please ensure to join the correct queue.

The immigration officials will put a stamp on your passport and you need to show your eVisa as well. Make sure that the eVisa you have applied for matches with the reason for your visit, as the immigration officials will ask the reason and may ask you to present the documents related to your eVisa. Also, overstaying is not allowed with the eVisa, you may be fined if you extend your stay.

For reliable currency exchange, it is better to do so at the airport, convert it into Indian Rupees for local transactions.

Transportation Options from Delhi International Airport

There endless transportation options available from the airport, here is the list for your convenience:


Prepaid taxis are available just outside the airport, book a prepaid taxi from the designated prepaid taxi counters only situated at the airport. The best part of prepaid taxis is that they provide a fixed rate based on your destination.

App-Based Ride Services

Kindly download the app based ride service like Ola and Uber for a hassle-free ride to your destination, but you will require proper internet connection for that.

Airport Express Metro

The Airport Express Metro Line is located just outside the exit point of Terminal 3. Passengers are requested to just follow the arrow pointing towards the metro line. For a convenient metro experience, download the metro map or take a screenshot of the same.

Delhi Metro

Once you get on the Airport Express Line, if your destination is not in this route, you can change to Delhi Metro, which is connected to all the corners of Delhi, including Gurgaon and Noida.

Bus Services

The Delhi Transport Corporation also operates on several routes of the city, connecting to different parts.

Hotel Shuttles

If you have already booked a hotel in Delhi, many hotels in Delhi also provide airport transfer services for their guests. Check-in with the hotel you have booked, in case they provide the airport transfer service.

Private Car Rentals

Many private car rental facilities are also available at the airport, if you want to hire one you can check it out.

Auto Rickshaws and Cycle Rickshaws

These are a common sight in India, but they are available for short distances and offer visiting the nearby areas for which they have license.

When considering your transportation options, keep in mind about your budget, destination, number of luggages you have, and personal preferences like comfort and what is convenient for you.


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