Complete Guide to Indian Transit Visa

Updated on Jun 04, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

We know why you are here! You are traveling to another country via India. Is that right? No worries, we have made an extensive guide to help you through the Transit visa procedures. Let's get into it.

What is an Indian Transit Visa?

An Indian Transit Visa is a short-duration travel permit that allows international travelers to enter India and stay for a few hours during their journey to another country. This also helps travelers who have connecting flights from India.

Who needs an Indian Transit Visa?

Travelers need an Indian Transit Visa if-

  • You stay in India for more than 24 hours.
  • You have to come out of the transit area at the airport.

Duration & Validity

The Indian Transit Visa is valid for 15 days from the issue date. Stay up to 72 hours is allowed. Transit visa holders can enter India once or twice during these 15 days.

Application Process

Check for Eligibility

Check for your eligibility to obtain a transit visa.

Complete the Application Form

Find the application form from the Official website. Upload necessary documents.

Essential Documents

Here is a small list of essential documents-

  • Passport
  • Travel Tickets
  • Visa Application Form
  • Recent Passport-Style Photo
  • Visa fee receipt

Submit the Application

Please ensure that you double-check the application form. Double-checking helps us reduce the mistakes that happen out of carelessness. After that, applicants can submit them online. However, some countries submit it at the designated Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC). You can also submit them to the consulate or embassies of your country.

Tips to Note

Plan Ahead

Applying for a transit visa a few days before the travel will facilitate the traveler to have a stress-free travel.

Double Check

As we discussed earlier, double-checking is a must. There are so many ways for your visa application to get rejected. Double-checking helps you to find mistakes that happen because of carelessness.

Stay Duration

Please ensure that you stay in India for not more than 72 hours. Suppose you want to stay in India for more than 72 hours before resuming your journey to the destination country, then it is better to apply for an Indian e-Visa. Otherwise, it is punishable.

Therefore, Obtaining an Indian Transit Visa is easy. But if you plan to explore India during your journey to another country, then you must apply for an Indian Tourist e-Visa

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Visiting India for any specific purpose or even passing through India for transit majority of travelers will need an Indian visa, en route to another destination.

Citizens of many countries including United States, France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy are eligible for India e-Visa(Indian Visa Online). You can apply for the Indian e-Visa Online Application right here.

Should you have any doubts or require assistance for your trip to India or India e-Visa,contact Indian Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.