India Business Visa for US Citizens

India Business Visa from USA

India e-Business Visa Eligibility

  • US citizens can apply for an India Visa Online
  • US citizens are eligible for e-Business Visa
  • US citizens enjoy fast entry using the India e-Visa program

If you are planning to visit India and your primary purpose for travel is business or commercial in nature, then US citizens must apply for India e-Business Visa. The Business e-Visa for India is an official document permitting entry into and travel within India for commercial or business purposes like attending technical/business meetings, participating in exhibitions, business/trade fairs etc.

Its important to note that you must not come to India on an Tourist e-Visa (or e-Tourist Visa) and conduct business activities. The e-Tourist Visa is meant for primary purpose of tourism and does not permit business activities. Indian Immigration Authority has made it easy to apply for Business Visa to India online and recieve it electronically by email. Before you apply for India e-Business Visa ensure that you are aware of the essential documents required and we cover these in the list below. By the end of this article, you can apply for India e-Business Visa with confidence.

Document Checklist from United States for India e-Business Visa

  1. Passport - The US passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure.
  2. Passport Information page scan - You will need an electronic copy of biographical page - either a high quality photo or a scan. You will be required to upload this as part of India Business Visa Application process.
  3. Digital Facial Photograph - You will be required to upload a digital photo as part of application process for Indian Business Visa online. The photo should clearly show your face.
    Useful tip -
    a. Do no reuse the photo from your passport.
    b. Get a photo taken of yourself against a plain wall using a phone or camera.
    You can read in detail about Indian Visa Photo Requirements and Indian Visa Passport Requirements.
  4. Copy of Business card - You are also required to upload a copy of your business card. If you do not have a business card, you can also provide a business letter from Indian counterpart explaining the requirement.
    Useful tip -
    If you do not have a business card, at the very least you can provide your business name, email and signature.


    John Doe
    Managing Director
    Atlas Organisation
    1501 Pike Pl Seattle WA 98901
    United States
    [email protected]
    mob: +206-582-1212

  5. Details of Indian company - Since you are visiting your business counterparts in India, you should have details of Indian business handy like company name, company address and companys website.

Other essential requirements for Business Visa:

6. Email address:: You should have a valid email address that will be used during application processed. Once your Indian e-Business Visa is issued, it will be mailed to this email address you have provided in your application.

7. Credit/debit card or Paypal account: Ensure you have a Debit/Credit card (it could be Visa/MasterCard/Amex) or even a UnionPay or PayPal account to make payment and it has sufficient funds.

Useful tip -
a. While the payment is made using Secure PayPal payment gateway, you can use your Debit or CreditCard to make payment. You are not required to have a PayPal account.

How long is the India e-Business Visa valid for?

The Indian Business Visa is valid for a total of 365 days from date of issue. The maximum stay in India on a Business e-Visa (or Business Online Visa) is 180 days in total and it is a multiple entry Visa.

Which activities are allowed under India Business e-Visa for US citizens?

  • Setting up an industrial/business venture.
  • Sale/purchase/trade.
  • Attending technical/business meetings.
  • Recruiting manpower.
  • Participating in exhibitions, business/trade fairs.
  • Expert/specialist in connection with an ongoing project.
  • Conducting tours.

United States of America Embassy in New Delhi


Shantipath, Chanakyapuri 110021 New Delhi India





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