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India Visa Requirements for Finnish Citizens

Updated on Jun 06, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

The government of India in order to encourage tourism, introduced the electronic visa in 2014, popularly known as the Indian eVisa. This electronic visa allows travelers from eligible countries including Finland, to visit India for purposes related to tourism, to meet friends and family, medical treatment and business. This means that travelers from eligible countries can enter India in a hassle-free way.

So from 2017, the Indian eVisa is divided into the following categories: Tourist eVisa, Medical eVisa and Business eVisa. According to the mentioned categories, travelers can select the type of visa they want on the basis of the purpose of their visit to India. The Tourist eVisa is designated for tourism purposes, exploring the sightseeing places, leisure travel, etc. The Business eVisa is used for attending meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. The eMedical visa is used for visiting India for undergoing medical treatment.

Travelers planning a trip to India, will need to apply for the India e-Tourist Visa (or eVisa India) to discover the historical and natural wonders of India. If the traveler is visiting India for business purposes, he has to apply for the India e-Business Visa and in case want to add some leisure activities to his itinerary he should apply for the Indian Visa Online (India e-Visa). The government of India encourages tourism, so the travelers wishing to explore India can apply for eVisa India.

As a Finnish citizen, do I need a visa to visit India?

Around 169 countries can apply for eVisa, Finland citizens can also apply for the Indian eVisa. Finland citizens according to their need can apply for tourist, business and medical visas. The eVisa is easy to apply for and applicants do not need to visit the immigration office. All Finland citizens can apply online with the required documents.

With the eVisa India, Finland citizens can enter India through the government authorized immigration seaports and airports. The tourist eVisa cannot be extended and that the travelers are not allowed to visit restricted places.


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What are the various types of Indian eVisas Finnish citizens can choose to apply according to their requirement?

Based on the purpose of the travel, Finnish citizens need to apply for the Indian eVisa based. The government of India offers various types of eVisas to suit the specific needs of the travelers: tourist, business and medical.

The tourist eVisa is applicable for tourism activities like visiting friends and family, sightseeing, attending cultural events, etc. On the other hand, the business eVisa is intended for Finnish travelers who have to engage in business activities like attending seminars,events, and expos, supervising in a project, providing training, giving lectures, recruiting candidates, etc.

Finnish citizens requiring short-term medical treatment like medical consultations, treatment, or surgery in India can apply for the Medical eVisa.

The time period or the length of stay with the eVisas will vary depending upon the type of eVisa the traveler has applied for. Finnish citizens are requested to carefully review the rules and regulations before applying for a particular visa.

Validity of Indian eVisa for Finnish Travelers

The eVisa India is an electronic visa that allows citizens of Finland to visit India for various purposes like business, tourism, and medical treatment. Based on the purpose of the travelers visit to India the time limit of the eVisas will differ.

With the introduction of the business eVisa, citizens of Finland can visit India for business activities like attending meetings, conferences, expos, training sessions, etc. This visa allows a maximum stay of 180 days (6 months) with a double entry from the issuing date.

Finnish citizens traveling India with tourist eVisa for tourism purposes allow a stay of 3 months (90 days) with double entry in one year from the issuing date. This means that the eVisa is valid for one year, or 90 days (in case you use the 90 days together) whichever is earlier. Furthermore, Finnish citizens are eligible to apply for 2 tourist eVisas in a year.

Citizens of Finnish traveling to India for medical treatment with the medical eVisa, it allows a stay of 60 days (2 months) with triple entry into India.

It is important to know that the duration of eVisa will vary depending upon the reason for your visit to India. Also, do review the rules and regulations of the eVisa before applying.


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Indian eVisa requirements for Finnish Citizens

Citizens of Finland planning a visit to India, need to apply for the eVisa and are required to fulfill the following requirements:

Valid Finland passport: The applicant should have a valid Finland passport which should have a 6 months validity period.

Biography page of the passport: The applicant is required to upload a scanned copy of the biography page of the passport.

Passport photo: The applicant is required to provide a recent face photo. While uploading the photo do follow the photo instructions.

Email address: The applicant is required to have a working email address for further communication.

Payment method: The applicant can either use the credit/ debit card for eVisa fee payment.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Card: Finnish travelers applying for the eVisa, in case they have traveled from a Yellow fever risk country, they need to provide the Yellow Fever Vaccination Card.

Before applying, the Finnish citizen needs to be thorough and check out all the important requirements of eVISA. Kindly apply in advance, as some documents need time to get approval, for example having your business invitation letter in advance in case you are applying for business eVisa.

Also, note that Finnish children traveling to India with their parents also need to provide the mentioned documents and need to submit a separate eVisa application.


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Want to apply for the Indian eVisa from Finland? What are the steps Finnish citizens need to follow to apply?

The process of applying for an Indian eVisa from Finland is a quick and simple process, which might take only a few minutes, if you have all the documents gathered around you.

Step 1: The applicant needs to provide details like full name, date of birth, address, mobile number, email address, passport number, passport issuing date, passport expiry date, marital status, nationality, occupation, and educational qualifications.

Step 2: Provide other important information like duration of your stay in India, places you are planning to visit, expected entry port and exit port, any country you have visited in the last ten years, your religion and any identification or scar mark on your body.

Step 3: The applicant is also required to answer other security questions like do you have any criminal records in the past. After answering these security questions you need to click on the submit button.

Step 4: After clicking the submit option, you will be directed to the payment page, you need to pay the eVisa application fee by debit/credit card.

The eVisa will be sent by the email address you have provided, the applicant must make sure that he has provided a working email address. Keep checking your inbox for any update related to the eVisa.

Processing Time for Indian eVisa for Finnish Citizens

The processing time of the eVisa for India is around 3-4 days, sometimes if everything is found okay, some travelers may get it within one day. However, some applications may take time in regards to extra checks by the immigration department.

It is important to know that inaccurate information, spelling mistakes of your number, wrong entry of passport numbers, could lead to delay of your eVisa, and even rejection. Therefore, Finnish citizens while applying for the eVisa be careful to cross check whatever information you are entering for enjoying a faster approval process.

Kindly apply for the eVisa India in advance to avoid last minute rush and delay of your travel plans.

Documents required for Finnish citizens upon arrival in India with Indian eVisa

On-arrival in India, Finnish travelers visiting India with the eVisa India, are required to provide the following documents:

Approved eVisa: Finnish travelers with eVisa India are requested to carry a printed copy of the approved eVisa and keep a digital copy of it as well. Carry it along with you while entering India and present it at ports.

Valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Card: Finnish travelers visiting India are also required to provide the Yellow Fever Vaccination Card at the checkpoints, in case they have visited or are traveling from a Yellow fever risk country.

Biometric data: Finnish travelers entering India will be required to provide their fingerprints and face photo for identification at the authorized entry ports.

Finland passport: The travelers are required to show their passport that's valid at the immigration checkpoints. The immigration officials in the airport will put stamps on your passports, make sure to have blank pages for entry stamps.

Note: Finnish citizens with eVisa need to provide other documents as well, based on the type of visa and the reason for their travel.


Foreign travelers with the eVisa are allowed to enter India only through 2 modes of transportation that are airport and seaports through authorized immigration checkpoints only. For exiting India they can use 4 modes of transportation, that is railways,roadways, airports and seaports, however they should have proper immigration checkpoints. Here is the list of the Authorized Airport and Seaport for entry into India.

Citizens of many countries including United States, France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy are eligible for India e-Visa(Indian Visa Online). You can apply for the Indian e-Visa Online Application right here.

Should you have any doubts or require assistance for your trip to India or India e-Visa,contact Indian Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.