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Updated on Jun 05, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

Indian Visa from Peru

Indian e-Visa Eligibility

  • Peruvian citizens can apply for an eVisa India
  • Peru was a launch member of the India e-Visa program
  • Peruvian citizens should submit the eVisa application at least 4 days before travelling to India
  • Peruvian Passport must be Ordinary or Regular, Diplomatic Passport is not allowed.

Other e-Visa Requirements


Process for Peruvian Citizens to complete the Indian e-Visa Application

The Indian Visa for Peruvian citizens has been available as online application form since 2014. This is online Indian Visa Application Process which doesn't need any paper based formalities to be completed by the Peruvian residents.

Indian e-Visa is official document permitting entry into and travel within India to Peruvian residents and citizens for the reasons for tourism, the travel industry, clinical visits, conferences, yoga, courses, workshops, deal and exchange, humanitarian effort and other business adventures on this new system of Indian e-Visa.

Online Indian Visa from Peru can be procured online and applicants can pay using Peruvian Sol or any of the 135 currencies using their Debit or Credit card.

Indian Visa for Peruvian Citizens can be acquired in simple and easy manner. The process is as simple as filling an online form in few minutes, easy to complete payment method to finish Indian Online Visa Application form.

After your Indian Visa Application is submitted, if our staff requires additional proof like your passport copy or face photograph we will request you. You may do so in response to our email or upload it at a future date. Our Indian Visa Help Desk can assist you in 47 languages. You can send us your information online or by email at [email protected]. Government of India now allows eVisa India to be filled for Peruvian Citizens for visits up to 90 days for multiple entries in India.

Is there a requirement for Peruvian Citizens to visit Indian Embassy at any stage?

When Indian Visa from Peru is applied online there is no requirement at any stage to visit Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate. Once the eVisa for India is received by email, you are authorised to travel to India..

You do not have to visit Indian Embassy for any confirmation or stamp on the passport.

Indian Visa Online is recorded in the central computer system of the Government of India, the Immigration Officers can access this information from any Airport of the world. Your name and passport number and Peruvian Nationality is recorded in the computer system.

Peruvian citizens are required to either keep a soft copy of email received on Phone/Computer/Tablet or printed copy and carry the eVisa to the airport. There is no stamp requirement on the passport for Peruvian citizens for the electronic Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) that is sent in an email.

Are Peruvian citizens required to courier passport / photograph / documents to Indian Embassy?

No, you do not need courier any required or supporting document to obtain Indian e-Visa. Peruvian Citizens can either send the evidence documents either by email in response to a query by Immigration Officer or Government of India requirement regarding your Indian Visa Application or upload documents on this website in case required to support your India Visa Application. The link to upload documents required for Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) will be sent to the applicant’s email address provided at the time of filing Indian Visa Online. Peruvian Citizens can also email directly to India e-Visa Help Desk.

What help and support can Peruvian Citizens get for filing the Indian Visa Online (India e-Visa)?

India Visa Help desk

One of the big advantages of applying Indian Visa Online from this website for the Government of India official immigration Visa is that Peruvian Citizens can provide us with the supporting documents for your Indian Visa Application either by email or upload on the portal. Additionally, you can email our friendly Indian Visa Customer Support staff in any file format like JPG, TIF, PNG, JPEG, AI, SVG and many more saving you the time and hassle of file conversion or compression of files. This is ideal for customers who are not technically savvy because physical visit to Indian Embassy can result in rejection of the Indian Visa Application because of blurry bad photograph or passport scan copy.

In case the Immigration Officers from the Government of India require additional documents to support Peruvian Citizens trip to India, then you can click on this link as to what are the Indian Visa Documents Requirements. You can read about requirements for essential documents here - Indian Visa Photograph Requirements and Indian Visa Passport Requirements. You can take a photo of your passport page and of your own face by your mobile phone or a camera and email Indian Visa Customer Support or upload on this website.

Can I apply for a Business Visit to India on Peruvian passport?

Indian Visa from Peru can be applied for business visits as well as tourist and medical visit under the Indian Government policy of eVisa India (India Visa Online). Business journey to India by Peruvian Citizens can be for any of the several reasons as described in detail in  Business e-Visa for India.

How long does approval of Peruvian application take?

In the business as usual circumstances you can get a decision in 3 or 4 days. However this assumes that you have completed the Indian Visa Application Form online correctly and uploaded required documents. Completing the form correctly means putting in correct passport information like first name, surname, date of birth without a mismatch and have also provided any additional supporting application documents like Peruvian Passport scan copy and Face photograph. In case of a Business Visa you would have been additionally required to provide a Business Card and Business Invitation Letter or a Medical Letter from the hospital in case of Medical e-Visa for India. In some cases however it could take up to 7 business days depending on the correctness of the data in the Indian Visa Application or public holidays scheduled in India at the time of application or the busy holiday season.

What facilities can be enjoyed with regards to the Indian e-Visa by the Peruvian Citizens?

The advantages of the Indian Visa Online received electronically (eVisa India) are as follows:

  • Depending on the type of Visa applied for Peruvian Citizens are eligible to obtain an India Visa Online for up to 5 years in Validity.
  • Indian Visa for Peruvian Citizens can be used to enter India multiple times
  • Peruvian Citizens can utilize eVisa India (Indian Visa Online) for 90 day continuous and uninterrupted entry into India.
  • India Visa Online is valid on 31 airports and 5 seaports for rather than land based immigration checkpoints for road travellers.
  • This India Visa Online permits passage in all States and Union Territories of India.
  • Indian Visa Online can be used for Tourism, Medical and Business Visits by the Peruvian Citizens

What are the limitations with regards to the Indian e-Visa for Peruvian Citizens?

There are a few limitations of Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) which are: Peruvian Citizens cannot pursue journalism, film making, university degree in India or long term paid work on eVisa India (India Visa Online). Additionally, India Visa Online (eVisa India) does not provide the privilege of visiting military or cantonment areas – separate permission is required from the Government of India to visit these protected sites.

What should be Peruvian Citizens be aware of if coming to Indian on e-Visa?

Arriving on Indian e-Visa

The guidance provided on this website for the Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) is sufficient for Peruvian citizens, however the additional guidance and tips will be helpful to avoid the embarrassment of rejection or being refused entry into India. Indian Business Visa and Business Visitor arriving on Indian Business Visa have helpful guidance to prepare you for a successful outcome for your business visit to India.

Try not to Overstay

There is a fine of 300 US Dollars in India for exceeding your stay by as long as 90 days. Also, as much as 500 dollars fine for over staying to 2 years. Indian Government can likewise make legitimate move to impose penalty.

You may likewise impact your reputation for future travel and make it difficult to obtain visa for different nations by over extending your stay in India.

Take printout of Indian Visa sent by Email

While it isn't a necessity to have a paper copy of the Indian e-Visa (Indian Visa Online) for Peruvian Citizens, it is more secure to do so on the grounds that your mobile phone which has the email confirmation might get misplaced or battery might be depleted and you will be unable to give the proof of having gotten electronic Indian Visa (eVisa India). Paper printout can server as proof of Indian e-Visa approval at the port of entry.

Ensure Passport has 2 blank pages

You have to have 2 empty or blank pages so the immigration officials of the Indian Immigration Department can append section stamp and leave stamp on your Passport at the airport.

Passport validity of 6 months

Your identification travel document which in most cases is an Ordinary Passport must be valid for a half year on the date of application of Indian Visa Application.

Please describe the application process for Indian Visa for Peruvian Citizens?

There are several types of Indian Visa, depending on the citizenship of the visitor. Peruvian Citizens need to complete the following simple steps to acquire Indian Visa:

  • Step 1: Fill out the easy and straightforward Indian Visa Application Form, (Estimated time to complete is 3 minutes for most applicants).
  • Step 2: Pay in 1 of 137 currencies using a Debit or Credit card.
  • Step 3: Provide additional information, if requested by Government of India, we will email you if any further details are requested from you.
  • Step 4: Get an approved electronic Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) by email.
  • Step 5: You can go to any Peruvian or foreign airport to board your flight for India..
  • You do not have to visit Indian Embassy during this process.
  • You do not require a stamp on your passport.
  • Indian electronic Visa is recorded in the computer system that Immigration Officers can access from any airport in the world.
  • You should wait for our email before departing to the airport until we have emailed you an approved electronic Visa for India (eVisa India).

What can Peruvian citizens do after getting an approved Indian Visa Online by email (eVisa India)?

If the electronic Visa for India (eVisa India) is approved by the Immigration Officers from the Government of India office, then it will be notified to you by secure email. You will find a PDF attachment which you can carry to the airport, alternatively you can take a paper printout of the email electronic Indian Visa Online (eVisa India).

You can go to the airport either in the Peru or any offshore airport and visit India. At no stage do you need a stamp on your passport for Visa nor is there a need to visit the Indian Embassy or Indian consulate.

Can the Peruvian Citizens arrive India from any country or only depart from their country of Passport?

You can arrive from any other country, no necessarily commence your flight or cruise from the country of your passport. Additionally, once you have received Indian eVisa by email, you are not required to either visit Indian embassy or get a paper stamp on your passport.

When do I need to contact Embassy?

During the Online electronic Visa process for India, at no stage are you required to visit or call Embassy of India.

However, if your eVisa is rejected for some reason, which is very rare case, then, you may be asked to apply for a regular paper Visa at the Indian Embassy. Read our guide on how to avoid rejection of Indian Visa.

Can I visit India from any country in the world?

Yes, you can enter India from ANY country in the world into India. You need not be living in that country as a resident.

However, there is a limitation on which ports you can enter from and which ports you can exit from. Airports and Seaports are allowed for Entry into India on eVisa. While Airports, Seaports, Railway Ports and Land Ports are allowed for Exit from India on eVisa.

Which Visa Is Required for a Trip to India from Peru?

Peruvian people can apply for a number of different types of India visas. It is advised for visitors from Peru to become familiar with their alternatives in accordance with their travel objectives and anticipated length of stay in the nation:

India's E-Tourist Visa for Nationals Of Peru

The following advantages are available to Peruvian nationals with the India tourist visa:

  • Multiple entries by grant recipients in India
  • Suitable for stays of up to 90 days each
  • For tourists and leisure travellers, this visa is excellent.
  • Has a one (1) year expiration date

Indian E-Business Visa for Peruvian Nationals

The Peruvian business visa offers the following benefits:

  • Allows multiple entries for travellers visiting India
  • Allows for a maximum of 180 days for each business trip
  • Business travellers should be able to use this visa.
  • Holders have a one (1) year-round validity term.

India's E-Medical Visa for Citizens Of Peru

The following benefits are provided by the Peruvian medical visa for India and the Peruvian medical attendant visa for India:

  • Several entries for tourists visiting India
  • Limit of 60 days each visit to holders
  • For Peruvian patients looking for medical care in India, the e-Medical visa is appropriate.

Up to two (2) Peruvian family members of the e-Medical visa holder are eligible for the electronic Medical Attendant visa.

  • There is a 120-day validity term for both types of visas.

Passport holders from Peru must have the required prerequisites and evidence in order to apply for any of the several types of Indian visas.

What Papers Are Required for Peruvians To Obtain An Indian Visa?

It is vital to adhere to all of the Peruvian citizen India visa criteria in order to submit an eVisa India application successfully. Which are:

  • A Peruvian passport that is current and has at least six (6) months remaining on it after the anticipated date of entrance into India.
  • An active email account that the applicant may access. The India eVisa will be sent here after it has been approved. At this email address, applicants will also get alerts on their visa requests.
  • A credit or debit card that will be used by the applicant to pay the India eVisa application fees

Please be aware that once issued, the India eVisa will stay digitally linked to the passport that was used to submit the application and cannot be moved to another passport held by the same individual.

Due to their dual nationality, Peruvian nationals who have more than one (1) valid passport will need to select just one of them in order to apply for an India eVisa. The applicant's actual passport, as used during the application procedure, must be the one they want to use to enter India.

Depending on the intended use of the trip, Peruvian nationals may additionally be required to provide extra supporting papers for their India visa applications, such as:

  • A recent full-color passport photo on a white backdrop (for all visa types)
  • A business card or letter of introduction (for the business visa)
  • A prescription letter (for the medical visa)

How Long Does It Take for Peru To Approve An Indian Visa?

Once the applicant has all the required papers and visa criteria on hand, it typically just takes 10 minutes to submit an eVisa India application from Peru.

Most Peruvian citizens' applications for India eVisas are granted 2 business days after the form is submitted and payment is paid. However, it is recommended practice to apply at least 4 business days before the traveller's anticipated date of departure to India because certain applications could need supplementary evidence.


There are 3 important dates dates you need to be aware of with regards to your Indian e-Visa that you have received electronically by email. Date of Issue on e-Visa, Date of expiry on e-Visa and Last day of stay in India. Read more at Understand important dates on your Indian e-Visa or Online Indian Visa.

How Do Citizens of Peru Apply for a Visa to India?

From the convenience of one's home or workplace, a traveller may quickly and easily apply for an eVisa to India from Peru.

Peruvians can use their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to access the online eVisa India application form. Following that, applicants will be required to provide their personal information, passport information, and travel details, including:

  • Whole name (exactly as printed on passport)
  • Relational status
  • Religion
  • Born on [date]
  • Location of birth
  • Passport nation
  • PIN for a passport
  • Date of passport expiry
  • Date of issue of a passport
  • The objective of the trip to India
  • Intended port of entry
  • Date of expected arrival

The Peruvian national's request will be handled once their India eVisa application has been filed and the money has been received.

The applicant will be notified by email — at the email address, they supplied in the application form — as soon as the Indian eVisa is issued, telling them that their request is accepted. The email message will contain a digital copy of the eVisa.

Request an e-Visa right away!

Which Ports of Entry Are Allowed for India eVisas?

After receiving an electronic visa, Peruvian citizens may visit India via any of the authorised airports or seaports. Visitors may, however, depart through any of the authorised Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) located all around the country.

A regular visa must be requested at the Indian consulate or embassy that is most easily situated for the applicant if they want to enter India through a different port of entry.


Foreign nationals keen to visit India for sightseeing or recreation, casual visits to meet friends and family or short term Yoga programme are eligible to apply for a 5 year India e-Tourist Visa. Learn more at Five Year e-Tourist Visa

Where is the Embassy of India in Peru?

Address - Embassy of India Av. Salaverry 3006, San Isidro, Lima 15076 Peru.

Telephone: (51-1) 460-2289 / 461-0371/261-6006

Fax: (51-1) 461-0374

Emergency No. (Only for Indian nationals for consular enquiries):

00 51 943510962


It is located two blocks south of the crossing of Av. Javier Prado Oeste and Av. Salaverry and on the block north of Pharmax shopping complex on the western side of Av. Salaverry.

Timings - The timings of the Embassy are from 09:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs and 13:30 a 17:30 hrs., Monday - Friday, except holidays.

The timings of the Consular Section of the Embassy are from 09:30 to 11:45 hrs.

on Embassy working days.

Where is the Embassy of Peru in India?

Peru Embassy in New Delhi

Address - F-3/16 Vasant Vihar 110057 New Delhi India

Phone -


Fax -


Email – [email protected]

Peru Consulate in Mumbai

Address - Ador House 6, K.Dubash Marg 400 001 Mumbai India

Phone -


Fax -


Email – [email protected]

Peru Consulate in Kolkata

Address - The Legacy, 2nd Floor, 25 A, Shakespare Sarani Kolkata India

Phone -


Fax -


Email – [email protected]

Peru Consulate in Bangalore

Address - No. 332, 5th Main 1st Block Koramangala 560034 Bangalore India

Phone -


Fax -


Email – [email protected]

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What Are Some Places in India That A Peruvian Tourist Can Visit?

India is one of those places that at some time make it into every traveller's bucket list because of how deeply traditional it is while yet never ceasing to surprise. They could have fantasies of visiting Agra to see the Taj Mahal in all its splendour or touring the other royal palaces dotted across Rajasthan. Others are drawn to Goa's picture-perfect beaches or the breathtaking scenery in Darjeeling and Rishikesh.


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What Other Countries Can Apply for An Indian E-Visa?

As of 2024 citizens of 170 eligible countries may now submit electronic visa applications to Indian officials.

This means that many people would find it easy to gain the required admission approval to enter India. The eVisa for India was created to streamline the visa application procedure and boost the number of overseas tourists to India.

The introduction of eVisa has made it easier for visitors from other countries to enter India. The Indian economy is heavily reliant on the tourism sector. An electronic visa for India is available from the nations below:

Citizens of many countries including United States, France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy are eligible for India e-Visa(Indian Visa Online). You can apply for the Indian e-Visa Online Application right here.

Should you have any doubts or require assistance for your trip to India or India e-Visa,contact Indian Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.