Passport Requirements for Indian e-Visa

Updated on May 21, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

Check out this extensive guide to learn about the different passport requirements for the Indian e-Visa.

An Ordinary Passport is required to apply for an Indian eVisa. Learn every detail of your Passport to enter India with an Indian Tourist e-Visa, Indian Medical e-Visa, Medical Attendant e-Visa, Indian Business e-Visa, or an Indian E-Conference Visa. Every detail is covered here comprehensively.

With the introduction of the electronic visa, or e-Visa, tourists can now apply for an Indian e-Visa online. The Government of India launched an electronic visa in 2014.

Certain Indian e-Visa Document Requirements must be met to apply for the same, and soft copies of these documents must be uploaded during the process Some of these required documents are specific to your visit to India. There are 5 types of Indian e-Visa-

So, some additional documents may be needed according to the e-Visa type.

However, certain documents are fundamental for all the e-Visa types. Your Passport is one of them and the major document. The complete guide is provided below to help you with the Indian e-Visa Passport Requirements. If you fulfill all the requirements and adhere to these guidelines you can apply for the Indian e-Visa online without visiting any local Indian Consulates or Embassies.

Indian Immigration has made the entire Indian e-Visa Application process online. From completing the application, uploading required documents, online payment to receiving the approved e-Visa to the applicant’s email.

What are the India Visa Passport Requirements?

Whichever kind of e-Visa you apply for, you must upload a scanned or digitalized copy of your passport. Your passport should be ordinary or regular, not an official, diplomatic, refugee, or travel document. Before uploading a copy of your passport, confirm that it is still valid for more than six months after the date of admission into India. You will have to renew your passport before applying for an Indian e-Visa if it expires before then. Your passport should contain two blank pages. These pages cannot be viewed on the internet, but they are necessary for border officials at the airport to stamp entry and departure.

If your passport has expired but your Indian e-Visa is still valid, you can apply for a new one and use your Indian e-Visa to travel with both your old and new passports.  Alternatively, you can apply for a new Indian e-Visa on the new Passport.

What Comprises a Valid Passport?

Uploading the scanned copy of your passport means uploading the Bio Page of your passport that consists of your personal and passport details. Please ensure the copy you are uploading is very clear and has all the following details-

  • Given name
  • Middle name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Passport details such as the number, issue location, date, and expiration date.
  • MRZ (Magnetic Readable Zone)

Please ensure that you have entered the same information as in the passport. Also, it is very crucial to give clear and authentic information.

Indian e-Visa Passport Scan Specifications

It is essential to meet all the requirements while applying for an Indian e-Visa. Being careless and deceptive will result in the rejection of the Indian e-Visa.

Some of the scan specifications are given below-

  • The applicant can upload the Passport which is captured with your phone camera.
  • Professional Scanner is not mandatory.
  • However, please ensure that the Passport you are uploading is of high resolution.
  • Applicants can upload their Passport in PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats. (In case the file is not in these formats, contact the Indian e-Visa help desk)
  • The specified size is 10MB. (If the file size exceeds, give us a line)
  • If you are unable to upload, please give us a line.
  • Please ensure that the file should be clear and should not be blurred.
  • The passport scan should be in color. Not black, white, or Mono.
  • The Contrast of the Passport image should be even. Not too dark or light.
  • The Passport should be in Landscape Mode and should be straight. Ensure the image is not too small or there is no flash on the image.
  • The visibility of the MRZ is important.

Additionally, while filling out the Indian e-Visa application you must enter what exactly is in your passport. Kindly only enter the information provided there. For instance, if your birthplace is given in the passport as the USA, you should not enter anything other than the USA, like the city, New York, Chicago, etc. This applies to everything. Be authentic and clear throughout the process.

There are over 171 nationalities eligible for Indian e-Visa Online. Citizens from Canada, United States, Italy, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia amongst other nationalities are eligible to apply for Online Indian Visa.