Indian Electronic Visa for The Citizens Of UAE

Updated on Jul 21, 2023 | Online Indian Visa

This E-Visa is provided to the citizens of UAE through which they can gain a Visa in less than a week which is affordable and feasible too. Let's learn more about the Indian electronic Visa for Emirati citizens.

India is a country which is well-known to be one of the most populous countries globally. It is also the 7th largest country in the Asian part of the planet. India is filled with heritage locations, nature rich spots, delectable cuisines, unique dialects, vibrant cultural representation and much more. 

India is one of the most desired tourist locations in the past years and even in the present times. Hundreds of tourists from UAE visit India each year to explore the significance and elegance of the incredibly diverse country. 

India is not only popular for being a country with numerous tourist spots, but it is also a country that offers tons of business and educational opportunities to passionate individuals. Since Visa is an important travel document that each traveller needs to hold before entering the country, the Indian Government in 2014 released an E-Visa.

You require India e-Tourist Visa (eVisa India or Indian Visa Online to witness the amazing places and experiences as a foreign tourist in India. Alternatively, you could be visiting India on an India e-Business Visa and want to do some recreation and sightseeing in India. The Indian Immigration Authority encourages visitors to India to apply for Indian Visa Online (India e-Visa) rather than visiting Indian Consulate or Indian Embassy.

Is It Important for The UAE Passport Holders To Gain An Indian Electronic Visa 

As we mentioned earlier, Visa is an important document for travelling without which a traveller cannot enter a country or stay in the country. Any foreign individual stepping in India needs to hold a Visa with them to be able to start their journey in India. 

Since visiting a country may be for many different purposes, a traveller can apply for a Visa which serves the purpose of their travel the best. Mainly, there are three main reasons as to why a foreign individual would want to step in India.

The first one is travel and sightseeing. The second one is establishing a business or work in the country. And the third one is to gain medical treatment or assistance from the country. 

All the three main purposes of visit have a specific Visa associated with them. The citizens of the United Arab Emirates are eligible to apply for all three kinds of Visas online. Which means that all three kinds of Visas are available in the electronic Visa format. 

It is important for each UAE passport holder to gain an Indian E-Visa before they land in India as entry will not be allowed in the country without a valid Visa. The Indian E-Visa for travellers is an ideal Visa for UAE passport holders who are entering India for travel purposes. 

This Visa enables them to reside in the country for three months continuously upon one trip. And the travellers can also enter the country multiple times according to their preference. 

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What Are the Documents That the United Arab Emirates Citizen Will Require for The Purpose Of Indian E-Visa Application 

The United Arab Emirates passport must verify that they are eligible to apply for an Indian E-Visa by meeting all the necessary guidelines and regulations. The guidelines and regulations that the passport holders of UAE must abide by are as follows: 

  • A filled application form. This form must be filled with details like the passport of the applicant. The form should also be completed making sure that there are no errors or mistakes in it. 
  • A scanned copy of the applicants' passport. This copy should be of the page where the applicants' personal details like full name, date of birth, place of birth, etc is mentioned along with other essential details too. 
  • A passport style image of the applicant. This image should be clearly showing the entire face of the applicant. And the backdrop should be of white colour. 
  • Basic details about the work or professional indulgence of the applicant. 
  • The Indian checkpoints for arrival and departure. 

To make sure that the visa is approved speedily with little to no room for Visa disapproval, the above-mentioned regulations must be followed thoroughly. The Visa fees should also be paid without fail on the online payment platform. 

All the details, requirements, conditions, duration and eligibility criteria that any visitor to India needs are mentioned here. Learn more at India Business Visa (eVisa India for Business)

What Is the Maximum and Minimum Time In Which The Indian E-Visa Can Arrive For The Emirati Citizen 

In general, the Indian electronic Visa is processed in the time frame of 2 - 4 working days. This time frame might be changed due to several reasons. Ideally, the Visa applications from the Emirati passport holders should arrive to Indian authorities at least seven days before the intended date of journey to India. 

Even though the E-Visa is a fast-track medium of gaining a Visa, it is better to apply for one sooner than later. One must keep in mind an important bit of information about the Indian E-Visa. The information is that even though an applicant may have received a Visa, they can still be denied entrance in the country. This entrance denial can be done by the Immigration officers at the airport. 

The Application Process for Gaining an Indian E-Visa For The Passport Holders Of United Arab Emirates 

The three steps included in the Indian electronic Visa application procedure are as follows:

  • Finish filling the application questionnaire. Like it was discussed earlier, the information filled in the application form should be exactly the same information written in the passport of the applicant. After submitting the application questionnaire to the Indian authorities, submit the essential files too. 
  • Pay the fees which are charged for the Indian E-Visa. A widely accepted mode of payment is usually credit cards or debit cards. 
  • If the Visa is approved, it will be sent at the email address of the applicant. The applicant should simply take a print out of this Visa and carry it with them to India. 


All details you need to know about Indian Tourist Visa are available on this page. Please make sure you read through the details before applying for eVisa for India. Learn more at India Tourist Visa

Indian Electronic Visa For The Citizens Of UAE 

As it is observed, gaining an Indian E-Visa for Emirati citizens has become a piece of cake with this detailed guide. Sticking to the information mentioned in this article will ensure that the Emirati applicant receives an approved Visa before they start their journey to India. 

Citizens of many countries including United States, France, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy are eligible for India e-Visa(Indian Visa Online). You can apply for the Indian e-Visa Online Application right here.

Should you have any doubts or require assistance for your trip to India or India e-Visa,contact Indian Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.