Indian eVisa Application Process for Belgian Citizens

Updated on Feb 03, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

In the year 2014, the Indian government established an electronic travel authorization method for visa application called Indian eVisa. Belgian Citizens are eligible to apply for one of many types of Indian eVisas, depending on the intention of their travel.

Gone are those days when people had to line outside embassies waiting for their visa approval. Even after several rounds of interviews, the visa approval would fail or take a lot of time to get approved, in most cases defeating the purpose of visiting the country. Today, visitors from 169 countries across the world can easily apply for an Indian tourist eVisa to visit the country.

The government of India has simplified the application process to a comparatively easier one that enables all applicants to effortlessly fill out the application form from the comfort of their homes. You do not have to visit your regional embassy or consulate to get your visa for India. Instead, all Belgian nationals can complete the entire application process online and wait for their evisa or electronic visa to arrive through email within four days of application. It ideally takes up to four days to receive your eVisa via mail.

Do Belgian Passport Bearers Require an eVisa to Visit India?

All foreign citizens planning to visit India must obtain an Indian eVisa before they arrive in the country via airport or a seaport. All Belgian nationals are eligible to apply for the several categories of Indian eVisa made available to them online by the Indian government.  All applicants must decide and carefully choose their eVisa type depending on the purpose of their intended visit to India.

For touristic purposes, the Indian government provides the service of the Indian eTourist Visa, which permits all visitors to visit the country of India for reasons like touring the country, making yoga retreats, visiting family or friends in the country, or sightseeing. 

Belgian travellers are also encouraged to apply for an Indian eBusiness visa if the intention of their visit to the country is to indulge in a business engagement or to attend a seminar. Belgian nationals are also given the facility to apply for an eMedical visa if their intention of the visit to the country is to seek medical treatment. 

We advise all travellers to carefully consider each visa category before they set to begin the eVisa application process. Please understand that each visa category comes with its own set of criteria that Belgian visitors are required to meet.


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What Documents are Expected from Belgian Nationals to Obtain an Indian Visa?

Belgian nationals who plan to travel to India for tourism purposes will be required to apply for an Indian Tourist eVisa. Entry to the country is not permitted to any Belgian citizen without a valid Indian eVisa. The prerequisites to apply for the Indian eTourist visa are:

  • The applicant must have a valid email address
  • The applicant must have a valid and functional debit/credit card 
  • The applicant must bear a valid passport

Other than the criteria mentioned above, there are some additional eligibility requirements that need to be fulfilled by Belgian applicants. All travellers are requested to carefully ponder upon the purpose of their visit to India before applying for the Indian eTourist visa. The eligibility mandates are as follows:

  • Every candidate is expected to have a passport that is valid and functional for at least six months after the date of their arrival in the country of India.
  • The Belgian visitor’s passport is expected to have two empty pages for the entry and exit stamps.
  • An Indian eTourist category of visa is non-convertible, and the visa cannot be extended past the maximum date of stay, listed on your approved eVisa.
  • The maximum allotted length of stay in India on an eTourist visa is ninety days.
  • All Belgian visitors are eligible to apply for the Indian eTourist visa two times within the same year and not more than that.
  • Each applicant must have his/her own passport before they prepare to apply for the Indian eVisa, irrespective of their age
  • Parents are not allowed to list their children on their individual Indian eVisa applications.
  • All Belgian visitors are required to carry a hard copy of their Indian eVisa with them throughout the course of their visit to India
  • The Indian eTourist visa is not applicable for visiting any government-restricted areas or cantonment regions within the country.
  • Belgian visitors holding a diplomatic passport, or any International Travel Documents are not eligible for an Indian eTourist visa. 

The Indian eTourist visa is only applicable for entry via 28 designated Indian airports and five recognized seaports within the boundary of India. Or all Belgian visitors will be required to obtain a visa from a regional Indian embassy or consulate if they are planning their trip to the country by land or sea.


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How Can Belgian Nationals Apply for An Indian e Tourist Visa?

To obtain an Indian eTourist Visa, Belgian visitors will be expected to find a reliable online eVisa website. The website will assist them to discover a link to the online eTourist visa application form.

Next, the applicants will be required to fill out the application form with their personal, educational, professional and passport information.

You may also be required to answer a few additional security questions that are asked to cross-check specific details. The applicant is only required to answer in a yes or no series, and no detailed explanation is needed. We advise all applicants to answer all the questions with truthfulness and precision.

In certain exceptional cases, Belgian visitors may also be required to submit their yellow fever vaccination card as soon as they arrive in India. This is applicable when the Belgian traveller has been to any of the countries affected by yellow fever. If the Belgian traveller fails to submit a Yellow Fever Vaccination Card, he/she may have to stay in quarantine for a minimum of 6 days upon their arrival to India.

Also, the applicant is also required to pay a processing fee using their valid credit/debit card to process the application for their Indian eTourist visa.  As soon as the application is submitted, the candidate shall wait to receive their Indian eTourist visa through email within a span of four days. In case, you do not receive your evisa within four days, do not hesitate to contact the helpline number and email provided on your evisa website.

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Things to Remember

Finally, all Belgian applicants must not forget to carry a printed copy of their Indian eTourist visa with them throughout the course of their travel. This is done so that the visitor can easily present their eVisa along with their passport to the Indian Immigration and Border security upon entering India. The Indian officials at the airport will verify the visitor’s information, after which the Belgian national will be asked to give his/her fingerprints and a coloured picture of themselves.

The last step in the security check is getting an entry stamp placed on the traveller’s passport, which officially allows them entry into the country.

Also, we advise all applicants to carefully fill in the application form and double check all details before submitting the application. It will be best if you apply with a calm and composed mind and keep all your documents ready by your side. 

You require India e-Tourist Visa or Indian Visa Online to witness the amazing places and experiences as a foreign tourist in India. Alternatively, you could be visiting India on an India e-Business Visa and want to do some recreation and sightseeing in India. The Indian Immigration Authority encourages visitors to India to apply for Indian Visa Online rather than visiting Indian Consulate or Indian Embassy.