Indian Visa Extension and Renew - Comprehensive Guide

Updated on May 21, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

Indian Immigration authority has now restored all types of Indian e-Visas for nationals of 171 eligible countries as on 12th January 2024. All e-Visas previously issued now stand restored.

If you would like to visit India for a longer duration than 30 days, then you have to apply for a One year Indian Visa or Five Year Indian Visa or Indian Business Visa or Indian Medical Visa.

Is it possible to extend or renew an Indian e-Visa or Online Visa?

The electronic Indian Online Visa, also known as eVisa India, cannot be renewed at this time. Applying for a new Indian visa online is a quick and easy process called eVisa India. This Indian visa cannot be extended, revoked, transferred, or amended after it has been issued.

Secondly, you have to be outside India at the time of application for Indian Visa.

Thirdly, you may visit Nepal or Sri Lanka and enter soon/next day or in couple of days.

You can use the electronic Indian Online Visa (eVisa India) for the following uses:

  • To see pals, you are travelling to India with or who already stay in India.
  • It's a yoga programme that you are attending.
  • You are travelling for leisure.
  • You are on a sight-seeing excursion.
  • You're here to meet your kin and relations.
  • You are enrolled in a course that will terminate in less that six months and will not award you with a degree or diploma certificate.
  • You are come to perform voluntary work for a maximum of one month.
  • Your visit is intended to establish an industrial complex.
  • You are here to start, stop, finish, or carry on a commercial endeavour.
  • You are in India to sell a product, service, or item.
  • You need an Indian product or service and plan to buy, acquire, or purchase anything from India.
  • You wish to take part in trade.
  • You must use personnel or labour from India.
  • You're at a business conference, a business summit, a trade show, or an expo.
  • For a recent or continuing project in India, you are serving as an expert or specialist.
  • You intend to lead tours throughout India.
  • During your visit, you must deliver a lecure or lecures.
  • You are either arriving for medical attention or you are going with a patient who is arriving for medical attention.

How long are India Medical Visa and India Business Visa valid for?

Indian Medical Visa is valid for 60 days and allows 3 entries. Indian Business Visa is multiple entry and is valid for up to 1 Year. You can stay in India for 180 days continuously on Business eVisa.

Apart from the fact that the electronic Indian Visa, or eVisa India, cannot be renewed, are there any additional restrictions I should be aware of?


  • You can freely travel to and tour all of India's states and union territories when your electronic India Visa Online (eVisa India) is approved. There are no restrictions on where you can go. The following are the restrictions that you need to be aware of:
  • You must have an eBusiness visa rather than a Tourist visa if you are travelling with a business visa. You are not permitted to participate in commercial, industrial, labour recruiting, or financially advantageous activities if you hold an Indian Tourist visa. Put another way, if you want to visit for both activities, you must NOT combine the reasons; instead, you must apply for separate business and tourist visas.
  • You are only permitted to bring two medical attendants with you if you are visiting for medical purposes.
  • Protected places are not accessible with the electronic India Visa Online (eVisa India).
  • With this Indian visa, you can visit India for a maximum of 180 days or 90 days depending on the nationality.

Staying in India for longer than 30 days?

If you would like to visit India for a longer duration than 30 days, then you have to either apply for an Indian Medical Visa or Indian Business Visa or a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa like a One Year or Five Year Indian Visa.

What if I am already in India on a 30-day tourist visa or Indian Medical Visa?

If you are already in India or have applied for one of the above electronic Visas (eVisa India), and would like to extend your stay in India, then you can contact FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Officers) who decide the policy of extension of eVisa.


What is the price of renewing an Indian visa?

Depending on the nationality of the traveller and the kind of visa renewal, the Indian government sets the visa charge. Online deposits and payments between countries are possible. AMEX, Visa, and MasterCard are a few of the available payment methods.

Be advised that if a tourist remains longer than permitted or decides not to leave the country, the government may impose further penalties. The penalty is computed subsequent to the application's submission. 


Which Government Agency is responsible for renewal of Indian Visa?

e-FRRO is online FRRO/FRO Service delivery mechanism for foreigners without requirement of visiting FRRO/FRO Office.

All foreigners who desire Visa and Immigration related services in India viz. Registration, Visa Extension, Visa Conversion, Exit Permit etc need to apply for e-FRRO.

Contact FRRO at https://indianfrro.gov.in/eservices/home.jsp

In India, how long does it take to obtain a visa extension?

After the paperwork is submitted and money is received, the processing time for a visa extension is typically 7 to 10 days. Foreign nationals are requested to apply for the extension at least 60 days prior to the expiration date by the FRRO/FRO visa officials.

You can also stay more than 30 days by exiting India for a couple of days to Sri Lanka, Nepal or any other neighbouring country and re-applying for a 30 Day Tourist eVisa at Indian Visa Online.

In the event that I overstay my Indian visa, what consequences would I face?

How long you are allowed to remain in India is contingent upon a number of different things. While the Indian Tourist Visa for 30 days allows for two entries, the Indian Tourist Visa for one year and the Indian Tourist Visa for Five Years allow for numerous entries.

In the event that you overstay your visa, it is essential to keep in mind that the consequences might be quite severe. For example, if you have violated the stay condition of your eVisa and have not given notice to the Foreigners Regional Registration Officers (FRRO), you will be required to pay a fine of $100 for an additional week of stay in India and $300 for a month of stay in India at the Indian Airport or Seaport at the time of your departure.

If you have not contacted FRRO and have been in breach of your eVisa stay condition, then you are liable to pay a fine of $100 for 1 week of extra stay and $300 for 1 month of stay in India at the Indian Airport or Seaport at the time of departure from India.