Indian Visa for Joining the Vessel and Crew of Vessels or Seaman Visa

Updated on Mar 18, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

India stays as one of the world's most high growth economies, attracting visitors and business persons from around the globe. For specialists and business visionaries hoping to research business entry permits in India, it is vital  to get the appropriate visa. The Indian Business Visa fills in as an entry point for nationals wanting to take part in business-related practices inside the country. This simple and easy process to obtain  Indian Business Visa for the Crew that is joining the Vessel in India is available on this website for all Crew who want to join Cruise / Sea Faring vessel in India. This is a special subcategory of Indian Business Visa.

Understanding the Indian Business Visa for Crew of Vessel

The Indian Business Visa for Joining the Vessel as Crew member is different from a Tourist Visa and Medical Visa and designed for citizens for a business visit to India for business-related purposes. This visa grants individuals to take part in various business works, including social affairs, gatherings, trades, and examining trade fairs. New purpose allowed recently is also to Join the Vessel as a crew member on the Ship / Cruise or any other Sea Faring Vessel. This eVisa for India is typically ready in few days.

Who is qualified for Joining the Vessel - Indian Business Visa?

To be eligible for an Indian Business Visa, candidates should meet explicit Visa eligibility criteria framed by the Indian government.  Some of the key points in these rules are:

Motivation behind Visit

Candidates should demonstrate that the desire to visit India is for a business-related activity like gatherings, meetings, exchange presentations, or investigating venture or in this very specific case Joining a Vessel in India. In other words the trip isn't for Tourist or Medical purposes.


As a rule, candidates should get sponsorship from an Indian business company or organisation. The supporting letter  might give a letter expressing the motivation of the visit and the number of days of stay.

Monetary Means

Candidates ought to provide adequate monetary or bank balance to cover their costs during their visit in India. This might incorporate bank or debit card or credit card statement showing the capacity to finance the trip to India.

Clean Travel History

Candidates should have a clearn travel history, without any record of over staying visas or participating in unlawful exercises in India or different nations.

Online Application Process: Candidates are expected to finish up the web-based visa application process accessible on the this website. The form requires familiarity  with respect to individual personal details, identification data, travel schedule, and reason for visit.

Stay or Accommodation

Alongside the internet based application form, candidates need to submit supporting documents, including a legitimate identification, visa  photos, sponsorship letter from the Indian business company, evidence of financial means, and any extra information related to the visit. Read here or documents required for Indian eVisa.

  • Payment of Visa Fees: Candidates are expected to pay the relevant visa charge online through the card method of payment. The charge will change relying upon the nationality of the candidate and the duration of the visa.
  • Visa Processing: When the application and supporting documents are provided, the Indian immigration review the application and make a decision before processing the visa. The handling time might differ relying upon the responsibility and different variables but typically take 2-3 days.

What are the special documents required in Indian Business Visa for Joining the Vessel - Sub Category?

You require four documents for this sub-category of Visa. You can email us visa Contact Us page and we will guide you in steps of uploading the document.

  1. Applicant's recent colored photograph.
  2. Copy of Passport page containing personal particulars
  3. Sponsoring Letter from the Indian Shipping Agent/Foreign Shipping Agent stationed in India.
  4. Copy of the Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) of the Seamen.

What is additional information requested from the Applicant for this type of Seaman or Joining the Vessel Visa?

Besides the passport and personal details you are also required to provide a few additional details:

  • Details of Purpose " TO JOIN THE VESSEL "
  • Name of the Vessel
  • Type of the Vessel
  • Select Type of the Vessel
  • Name of the joining port in India
  • Tentative date of boarding the vessel
  • Your Current Rank/Designation/Position in the ship
  • Name of the Shipping Agent in India/Foreign Shipping Agent stationed in India
  • Address of the Shipping Agent in India/Foreign Shipping Agent stationed in India
  • Port of Arrival in India 
  • Expected Port of Exit from India

It is quite exciting that now Joining the Vessel eVisa is introduced in India eVisa System since 2024. You can fill out the Visa Application Form for a quick, simple and easy approval by Email.

Citizens of many countries including Canada, Denmark, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, Thailand are eligible for India e-Visa. You can apply for the Indian e-Visa Online Application right here.