Indian Visa for The Passport Holders of Indonesia

Updated on Feb 13, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

India is a welcoming South Asian country that has something special for every tourist and visitor who enters their land. It is the same for the passport holders of Indonesia too. The country with over a billion people residing has formed a wide array of delicious foods, mind-blowing cultural beauty, historic art, and much more.

India is always at the top for its top-tier hospitality and warmness towards each country and their citizens. India is a heavenly country for all those travel enthusiasts whose main purpose in life is to explore some of the most blissful countries in the world. Thus, India provides an unforgettable travel experience to everyone who enters their land. 

Since 2014, an introduction was done which has changed the way people travelled to India. The introduction we are talking about is the introduction of the Indian digital Visa. The Indian digital Visa is also known as the Indian E-Visa. Or Indian electronic Visa. Now, the passport holders of one sixty countries are enabled to apply for an Indian E-Visa through three easy steps which are as follows: 

  • The Indian E-Visa Application Online: In this step, the applicant is first required to visit a website on the internet that offers the service of Indian E-Visa application. Once they find the website, they must read all the rules and regulations about the Indian E-Visa and then proceed to the application centre. 
  • The applicant will be given three choices for three main Visa types for India. The applicant can make a choice and then apply for the Visa. Applying for the Visa online is simple. Just fill the application form with the correct details asked in each field. Then attach the important files once the form has been submitted. 
  • The Indian E-Visa Digital Fee Payment: In this step, the passport holder of Indonesia is supposed to pay the Visa fees. Based on the kind of Visa they have applied for; they will be required to pay the fees accordingly. 
  • These fees need to be paid online mandatorily as the option of payment offline through cash or other mediums is not available. For online payment, card payment through a credit card or a debit card can be done.
  • The Indian E-Visa Is Received Through the Email: The Indian E-Visa application questionnaire has a field asking for a valid email address. This field needs to be filled with an email address which is frequently used by the Indonesian applicant. 
  • This is because all the updates about the Indian E-Visa will be delivered to the applicant via the email. The Visa approval notification and the approved Visa with the 'Granted' status will also be delivered in the email inbox of the applicant.

The Indian E-Visa is widely known as: The Indian Electronic Travel Authorization. It is simply referred to as an E-Visa. This is a document which plays the role of a valid document which allows a traveller from a foreign country to enter and stay in India in a legal and free manner. 

With this kind of digital Visa, the travellers from not only Indonesia but many other countries and nations will be able to do the following: 

  • Visit the most famous tourist spots and lands.
  • Enter the country to pursue business and/or fulfil business endeavours.
  • Volunteer their offerings for various kinds of courses and learning programs.
  • Take part in yoga retreats and yoga sessions. This will help them not only enhance their physical health, but their mental and emotional health too.

All this can be done for a short amount of time in the country. Most probably, it will be based on the type of Visa the Indonesian applicant is applying for online. 

Along with being able to fulfil and give life to the travel and business-related purposes in India, the travellers will be enabled to enjoy the benefits of medical assistance too from the country. This is possible with the Indian medical E-Visa which can be gained in the same way as the other two visas mentioned above.

How To Apply for An Indian Electronic Visa for Indonesian Passport Holders

The process of applying for an Indian electronic Visa is extremely easy and straightforward. The only important condition is to have all the necessary files ready. And a valid credit card or a valid debit card ready to pay the Visa fees. With these requirements met, it will be effortless for any traveller to gain and apply for an Indian E-Visa in no time. 

The Indian electronic Visa application process is so simple and user-friendly that it can be filled in more than one seating. This is because many applicants are not able to fill it all at once. Just save the progress in the application form and fill it later whenever the applicant is enabled.

The travellers from foreign nations, including the travellers from Indonesia are instructed to complete and submit the Indian electronic Visa application at least four days before the date at which they wish to take a trip to India. 

This is because sometimes, due to unexpected events, a delay may take place. This may delay not only the Visa approval procedure, but the entire trip to India as well. That's why it is always good to be an early bird in such cases. 

The Indonesians who are planning to reside in India between the validity period of the Indian E-Visa. Or are planning to transit from India need to necessarily show proof of adequate financial resources indicating that they are financially stable enough to stay in India and fulfil their expenses as well.

The passport holders of Indonesia, who are flying to India with their children, need to take note of an important point. The point is that children or minors need to hold their own individual Visa and passport. 

The patents of guardians cannot travel with their children on a joint Visa. This should be followed under all circumstances regardless of how old the child or the minor is. 

The travellers from Indonesia should also keep in mind an important characteristic of the Indian E-Visa which is: The Indian E-Visa cannot be extended. 

This means that while the traveller is in the country, they will not be enabled to increase the validity of the Visa. Thus staying in India for more days than the number of days mentioned in the Visa may lead to unfavourable consequences for the traveller. 


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The Indian Electronic Visa For The Passport Holders Of Indonesia: What Are The Important Files


When the Indonesian passport holders are creating the application for the Indian electronic Visa, they need to collect a few essential files for the same reason. Firstly, they will need to be in possession of an Indonesian passport which will remain valid for six months from the date on which the Visa was issued to them. 

During the arrival time at the airport, the immigration officers will ask the applicant to present their passport to stamp the entry stamp on their passport. This stamp should be mandatorily gained by the applicant in their passport. 

For gaining this stamp, the applicant should check in advance that their passport has enough empty pages. If the passport does not have enough pages, then the applicant can apply for a new passport.

The Indonesian passport holders whose passport is a diplomatic passport cannot apply for an Indian Visa online. In the same way, the individuals with the international travel documents will not be considered eligible to apply for an Indian electronic Visa online no matter what the desired type is. 

The individuals who are sponsored by their spouses, parents or guardians will not be seen as eligible individuals under the Indian E-Visa rules and regulations. 

To complete the Indian electronic Visa application, the Indonesian passport holder will be asked to take a crystal clear image of their passport. 

This image should display the biographical page of their passport. The various information, which must be seen in the scanned copy of the passport is: 1. Personal details. 2. Educational details. 3. Professional details. 4. Passport details and other additional information regarding marital status, entry and exit ports in India, etc.

Apart from these requirements, the additional requirements to follow are as follows:

  1. A clear front facing photograph of the Indonesian passport holder. This photograph should show the entire face of the applicant starting from their head to their chin. The photograph should not have any complex backgrounds. And the applicant should not be wearing complex patterns in the photo. The size in which the photo can be submitted should not be more than one MB. And the format in which the photograph should be submitted should be JPEG. 
  2. If the Indonesian applicant has applied for an Indian medical Visa, then they are required to submit a scanned copy of their medical letter. This letter should state the medical organisation in which the applicant is taking admission. And the date of admission in a medical organisation should also be clearly stated with the letterhead of the organisation. 
  3. The Indonesian passport holders who are applying for an Indian business E-Visa should provide a letter from a company or an organisation. This letter should be issued to the Indonesian applicant from the side of the organisation or business that is calling them for work or business partnership. 
  4. This letter should contain the letterhead of the organisation that is inviting the applicant to India for business purposes. Along with a letter, a business card is also important for the Indian business electronic Visa. 
  5. The Indonesian passport holder can also apply for an Indian Conference E-Visa. For this Visa too, all the general essential documents are required. Plus, similar to the other two kinds of Visas, this Visa will also ask the Indonesian applicant to submit a letter. This letter should be addressed to the applicant from the side of the conference organiser. 

The letters should be submitted in English. The format should be PDF file format. The applicant may be asked to submit the essential files again if any issues occur. This resubmission request will be given within 24 hours from the date on which Indian E-Visa application was sent.

Once the Indian E-Visa application has been sent with all the files. And the payment has also been done. A notification of confirmation will be sent to the applicant in their mailbox. Within 2 to 4 days, the applicant will gain their Visa. This Visa can hold a granted status. Or a rejected status. 

Indian Electronic Visa For Indonesian Citizens: What Is The Maximum Validity Period

Once the Indian electronic Visa arrives in the email inbox of the applicant with the granted status, the applicant can consider it as an approved Visa and print it on a piece of paper as well to show the authorities. 

The Indian electronic Visa issued to the tourists from Indonesia is a Tourist Visa. This Visa has a validity period of 1 year to 5 years. However, the number of days that the applicant can stay in India upon each trip is ninety consecutive days. Overstaying in the country is not allowed. 

The Indian Medical E-Visa and the Indian Medical Attendant E-Visa have the validity of two months from the date on which the Visa was approved to the applicant. 

The Indian Conference E-Visa is valid for one month. This validity will be considered from the day in which the Indonesian applicant landed in India. The number of entries allowed in this Visa is one. All the Visas are including the Indian Conference E-Visa is a non-extendable and non-convertible Visa.

Indian Digital Visa for The Passport Holders Of Indonesia Summary

As it is observed, the Indian E-Visa procedures are extremely simple and easy to perform. Any Indonesian traveller no matter if they have filled an Indian E-Visa application form before or not can fulfil the procedures with ease and steadiness as the process does not require a lot of understanding and effort!


Though you can leave India by 4 different modes of travel viz. by air, by cruiseship, by train or by bus, only 2 modes of entry are valid when you enter the country on India e-Visa (India Visa Online ) by air and by cruise ship. Learn more at Airports and Seaports for Indian Visa

You require India e-Tourist Visa or Indian Visa Online to witness the amazing places and experiences as a foreign tourist in India. Alternatively, you could be visiting India on an India e-Business Visa and want to do some recreation and sightseeing in India. The Indian Immigration Authority encourages visitors to India to apply for Indian Visa Online rather than visiting Indian Consulate or Indian Embassy.

Should you have any doubts or require assistance for your trip to India or India e-Visa,contact Indian Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.