Indian Visa from Angola

Updated on Feb 02, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

Indian government has made it quick and simple to apply for an Indian visa from Angola. Angolan citizens may now apply for an Indian visa online from the comfort of their homes thanks to the advent of the eVisa. Angolan residents can travel to India electronically using an eVisa.

Electronic Visa Requirements to Travel from Angola to India

India's government has developed the India online visa to make getting a visa easier as the country's appeal to tourists worldwide continues to grow. An easy application form that asks for personal information and passport information must be filled out for Angolan nationals to qualify for an India e-Visa.

What Are the Angolan Citizens' E-Visa Requirements for India?

Before requesting an Indian e-visa, the necessary papers, also known as the Indian eVisa entrance criteria, should be obtained:

  • A valid passport from Angola with at least two (2) blank pages.
  • Must be able to use a credit or debit card to pay the processing cost for a visa.
  • Active email address for eVisa document delivery

The most crucial requirements that all applicants must satisfy are the ones listed above. There is one additional need, though: the passport must be valid for at least six (6) months after the traveller enters India.

Only credit or debit cards can be used to pay the visa fees right before submitting the application.

An active email address is required for Angolans to receive their visa. This email address is crucial in case the Angolan applicant needs to provide further information or if there is a problem with the application form.

Depending on what type of visa the Angolan tourist has selected, various additional documents may be requested throughout the application process.

It is suggested for Angolans to apply at least 4 days before travel because the approval process takes 2 - 4 business days.

Are Angolan Citizens Eligible for India eVisas?

Depending on the purpose of the Angolan traveller's visit, which may be for business, tourism, or medical treatment, India offers a range of Indian visas.

As long as they abide by the requirements to enter the country, citizens of Angola are eligible to apply for any of the electronic visas the Indian government has introduced.

  • One can request an India e-tourist visa, a type of multiple-entry permission with a stay limit of 90 days overall for each trip if they want to go for leisure, visit family, or visit friends.
  • For Angolan passport holders who need medical care, an India e-medical Visa is also available. When applying for this visa, the applicant must have a letter from the receiving hospital.
  • Two (2) Angolan family members may be awarded the India e-medical attendant visa by relatives of people who have applied for the e-Medical visa. The e-Medical visa's entrance requirements and validity are identical to those of the e-Medical visa.
  • Angolans can apply for an India business visa if they are looking for business prospects or travelling for conferences or meetings. A business letter or business card is necessary to apply.

What is the Validity of the Indian eVisa?

The duration and mode of each Indian visa vary. For instance, Angolans' tourist eVisa to India has a one-year validity period from the date of issuance. People who want to visit retreat places for Indian yoga and meditation techniques also use this visa.

The eMedical visa has a 120-day validity period from the date of issuance and permits three entries within 60 days.

The Indian business visa has a one-year validity period and permits multiple entries throughout the 180-day stay period.


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How to Travel from Angola to India?

The flight from Angola to India covers 7631.81 kilometres and takes between 14 and 17 hours.

In India, travellers with eVisas are permitted access at 31 airports and 5 seaports. Angolans should be aware that crossing land borders is still prohibited.

Several of the busiest airports include:

  • Calicut International Airport
  • Gandhi International Airport
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai
  • Chennai International Airport
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport

Depending on the type of visa they have, Angolan nationals will be questioned about their visit once they arrive at any of the immigration checkpoints.

To verify the stay, the relevant paperwork will be needed. The printed eVisa to India must be always carried with you for the balance of your stay in India, Angolan nationals are told.

What Is Some Important Information on India For Travellers From Angola?

The Indian Rupee, which is used in India, has a current value of 1 kwanza to 0.14 rupees. Visitors should be aware that this is a closed currency that is only available in India and that there are limits on the amount that may be taken outside of India.

In India, there are various options for currency exchange, with the airport's bureau being the most popular. Additionally, ATMs and neighbourhood money exchange businesses accept cash withdrawals from Angolan visitors.

eVisa for Angolan citizens in India - Apply now!

Is A Visa Required for Any Angolan Who Wants to Travel To India?

Holders possessing Angolan passports need a visa to visit India. Fortunately, Angolans may request an India eVisa. At an Indian embassy or consulate, there is no need for you to physically present any papers; the entire procedure is done online.

Angolans should submit the proper visa application depending on their reason for travelling to India. There are eVisas accessible for travel, business, and medical.

The length of an Angolan's stay in India depends on the type of visa obtained. Each permission is cumulative during the period of validity of the visa.

How Does an Angolan Citizen Submit an Application For An Indian Evisa?

Angolan citizens can apply for visas in India online. The 24-hour availability and home completion of the Indian eVisa application.

Angolan tourists must meet all requirements for an Indian visa to be eligible. These consist of having a debit or credit card, an email address, and a current passport.

There are some additional supporting documents that applicants for business and medical eVisas must provide and upload online.

The tourist will receive an email once their application has been approved with a link to the visa, which they must print at home and bring to the border with them along with their U.S. passport.

How Soon Will I Be Able to Get An Evisa?

Angolans can quickly apply for an Indian eVisa. The online form can be finished in a few minutes if all the required paperwork is available.

When completing the application, travellers should exercise caution and take their time because any mistakes could cause delays or even rejection.

Most Angolans get their approved visa in less than 24 hours. However, Angolans are advised to apply for an eVisa at least 4 working days before their flight to India in case there are any problems.

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Which Ports of Entry Are Allowed for Angola Citizens with An Indian eVisa?

With a valid electronic visa, visitors from Angola may enter through any of India's recognised airports or authorised seaports. Visitors may depart from any of the country's authorised Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) (ICPs).

If one wants to enter India by a port of entry that is not on the list of authorised ports, one must apply for a regular visa.

India's airports where access is permitted include:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Amritsar
  • Bagdogra
  • Bengaluru
  • Bhubaneswar
  • Calicut
  • Chennai
  • Chandigarh
  • Cochin
  • Coimbatore
  • Delhi
  • Gaya
  • Goa(Dabolim)
  • Goa(Mopa)
  • Guwahati
  • Hyderabad
  • Indore
  • Jaipur
  • Kannur
  • Kolkata
  • Lucknow
  • Madurai
  • Mangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Nagpur
  • Port Blair
  • Pune
  • Tiruchirapalli
  • Trivandrum
  • Varanasi
  • Visakhapatnam

These are the authorized seaports for Online Indian Visa:

  • Chennai Seaport
  • Cochin Seaport
  • Goa Seaport
  • Mangalore Seaport
  • Mumbai Seaport

A regular visa must be requested at the Indian consulate or embassy that is most easily situated for the applicant if they want to enter India through a different port of entry.

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Where is the Embassy of India in Angola?

in Luanda
No 3, Rua 28 De Maio,Maianga
(+244) 222 371 089
(+244) 222 392 281
[email protected]
Website URL

Where is the Embassy of Angola in India?

Angola Embassy in New Delhi


5 Poorvi Marg

Vasant Vihar


New Delhi









[email protected]

Angola Consulate in Mumbai


141 Atlanta, 14th Floor

Nariman Point

400 021








[email protected]

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What Are Some Places In India That An Angolan Tourist Can Visit?

India is one of those places that ends up on every traveller's bucket list because of its rich traditionalism and never-ending surprises. They might have visited other royal palaces in Rajasthan or Agra in their imaginations to view the Taj Mahal in all its grandeur. Others are drawn to Rishikesh, the ethereal city, the serene Darjeeling region, and the spectacular beaches of Goa. See our list of some of India's top travel destinations below:


Ladakh is a riot of complex murals and red-robed monks, adorned by gorgeous Gompas (Tibetan Buddhist monasteries), fluttering prayer flags, and whitewashed stupas. The valley is very beautiful, with its sparse rainfall, magnificent Pangong Lake, rough mountain ranges, and scenic views. Ladakh's peak season is from June to September, but if you schedule your journey to pass through Leh, you'll avoid most of the crowds.

Visit Nubra Valley as well, which is situated along a former trade route leading to eastern Tibet. Although the valley is frigid all year round, the summer and monsoon seasons are lovely.

 Spiti Valley

When you enter Spiti Valley, you are greeted by a long stretch of twisting roads and valleys that offer amazing views of the chilly desert and snow-capped mountains. Since Spiti is blocked off from the rest of the nation for around six months out of the year by the heavy Himalayan snow, the only time Spiti is easily reached by motorway is during the summer.

Spiti, which is sparsely populated yet offers a variety of trekking paths, is a haven for adventure seekers. All these treks begin in Kaza, the capital of Spiti, where you establish your base camp, and lead to a variety of peaks from where you can see the Himalayan Alps in all their glory.


One of the most popular honeymoon locations in India is Kodaikanal, which is situated in the Tamil Nadu state. Kodaikanal, a lakeside resort town in Tamil Nadu, boasts a waterfall, manicured cliffs coated in mist, and a wonderful environment, all of which combine to make the perfect backdrop for a retreat. Kodaikanal, whose name translates to "the gift of the forests," is a hill town that is perched 7200 feet above sea level among the Palani Hills' undulating slopes.

Activities include cycling, hiking, cave exploration, trekking, sightseeing, and the Shikhara ride.


Coorg, Karnataka's own miniature heaven, is lovely all year round. The most beautiful sites to visit in India in July, though, are in Coorg. The mountains and valleys are covered with different shades of green between July and September, and the little sprouts of brilliant flowers help to ease the eyes from the summer's harsh light. Walk through the valleys in the rain or simply sit and watch the mountains hide and seek in the fog.

Activities include elephant rides, river rafting, coffee and spice shopping, cultural exploration of local cuisine, jeep safaris, camping, boating, fishing, bird watching, and more.

Which Other Nations Can Apply for An Electronic Visa To India?

As of 2024, Indian Immigration now accept electronic visa applications from citizens of 171 different nations including Angola. This suggests that a sizeable portion of tourists won't have any trouble securing the necessary admissions clearances to visit India. To simplify the visa application process and increase the number of foreign visitors to India, the eVisa for India was developed.

It is now simpler for foreign travellers to enter India thanks to the advent of eVisa. The tourist industry plays a significant role in the Indian economy.

You require India e-Tourist Visa (eVisa India or Indian Visa Online to witness the amazing places and experiences as a foreign tourist in India. Alternatively, you could be visiting India on an India e-Business Visa and want to do some recreation and sightseeing in India. The Indian Immigration Authority encourages visitors to India to apply for Indian Visa Online (India e-Visa) rather than visiting Indian Consulate or Indian Embassy.