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Updated on Feb 02, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

Indian government has made it quick and simple to apply for an Indian visa from Australia. Australian citizens may now apply for an Indian visa online from the comfort of their homes thanks to the advent of the eVisa. Australian residents can travel to India electronically using an eVisa.

Like other foreign visitors, Australian citizens also need a visa before they set foot in India. Australian nationals also need to follow the process of applying for a visa like other foreign nationals. Applying for any country’s visa can be a gruelling and time-consuming procedure. Most applicants are clueless about what documents are needed for the visa application process and journeying up and down to the nearest embassy is not everyone’s cup of tea. Plus, you need a lot of time and patience for that which we do not have in today’s world. 

Therefore, to simplify the procedure for the Australian applicants and promote tourism, the Indian government has broken down the complexities of the application process for an Indian visa. The application process is now both quick and smooth. With the facility of the eVisa, any Australian citizen can apply for an Indian visa online, sitting at home. This not only helps applicants in Australia to save time and money, but it also saves them from the hassle of visiting the Indian embassy again and again.  

What Kind of a Visa is Required for Australians to Visit India?

There is not one but several categories of visas available for Australian citizens to visit India. 

If you only want to visit India, you will be required to apply for a tourist visa.  A tourist visa for Australian nationals can last for a continuous 90 days. You can easily apply for the tourist visa via an online eVisa portal. It is like a visa on arrival since you do not travel to apply for or obtain it. However, the only difference is that you must apply for the visa prior to making your trip to India, instead of it being granted to you at the Indian airport upon arrival.

Please note: To ensure you give enough time to the eVisa application process for approval, we strongly recommend you apply for it at least 4 days before you make your travel to India.

What Documents are Needed by Australians to Obtain an Indian Visa?

Every visa application process requires a particular set of documents, and these sets of documents differ from country to country. Along with your eVisa application, the Australian applicants are required to submit certain documents to the Indian embassy. The complete documents will include the following details:

Firstly, submit an online application form. The visa application form you will be filling out will require the following details:

  • Your personal, professional, and educational information
  • Which part of India you plan on visiting during your stay, where you want to land and depart from
  • List of countries you have visited in the last 10 years

Also, you need a passport-sized photo. The expectations from the photos are:

  • Your face must be entirely visible, and the picture should be in high focus
  • Your head must be the centre of the photo
  • Your picture background should be white
  • A fully coloured, scanned picture of the first page of your passport

All these documents must be responsibly uploaded and submitted in the online application form in the eVisa application process.


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How Much Time Does it Take for an Indian Visa to Get Approved?

After you have successfully completed and submitted the eVisa application form, you must wait for 2-3 business days to receive its approval. It ideally does not take more than 3 business days to approve an eVisa.  This is the reason why there is a minimum 4-day period set before travelling for your application.

As soon as the visa gets granted, it holds a validity of 365 days (1 year from the time of its approval). It means that all Australian visitors will have a time period of exactly 365 days in which they are allowed to travel to India. Once you enter India, you are allowed to stay for only a specified time period as mentioned in your visa. To ensure you have enough time on hand, it will be best to apply for the visa 2 to 3 weeks prior to your travel.

One thing that all applicants must strictly note is that your Australian eVisa cannot be extended or changed to a different kind while on trip. All Australian citizens are allowed to apply for an Indian eVisa not more than twice in a calendar year considering it must be more than enough for Australian tourists. As soon as the visa is granted, you are permitted to enter via 28 specified airports and 5 seaports and that includes: Cochin, Dehli, Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, amongst the many seaports and airports.


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How Can Australian Citizens Apply for an Indian Visa?

Applying for an Indian visa for Australian citizens is no longer a complicated and tedious process. With the advent of the new eVisa system, all applicants can easily apply for an Indian tourist visa online. The online eVisa system completely removes the requirement to schedule an appointment and visit an embassy to start the process of visa application. All Australian nationals can now fill out the online application form from the comfort of their homes. You will be required to submit the required documents, pay the form fee, and you are good to go. You will then wait for the embassy to mail you your visa in a short time. 

As soon as you receive your visa via mail, you must immediately print the visa and keep it with yourself throughout the journey. Your visa will be asked at the Indian airport or seaport. We advise all Australian travellers to carry the visa with you at all times. It is best if you keep it in a secure place such as a sealed plastic file. 

To ensure the Indian eVisa application process goes smoothly, many travellers contact renowned platforms online to ask for assistance. The Online Indian Visa follows a very easy-to-understand method for Australian citizens. Everything you need to know prior to application is mentioned on the website and the entire process of eVisa application is very systematically explained. Even a novice will understand the intricacies in less time. The overall procedure mustn’t take more than 30 minutes and ensures you do not make any mistakes while filling out the application form. 

Can Australians Visit India Without an eVisa?

It is mandatory for all Australian passport holders to have a visa to enter the country of India. Since Australian nationals are eligible to apply for the Indian eVisa, they can request for the permit online, any time during twenty hours. Since the application procedure is now carried out online, no applicant is required to visit an embassy or consulate.

There are various categories of Indian eVisa available for Australian nationals depending on the reason for their travel. Travellers visiting India for tourism purposes need a tourist eVisa whereas visitors travelling for business or medical reasons require different visas. 

Every category of Indian eVisa provides multiple-entry to Australian visitors, which means that Australian citizens can visit the country more than once before their visa period expires. However, please keep in mind that each stay should not cross the maximum number of days allowed for the stay.


In the application questionnaire, the visitor will find a certain number of questions in the second half of the questionnaire. These questions will be pertaining to Reference in India. Again, like the other questions in the questionnaire, these questions are compulsory and cannot be skipped at any cost.

How Can I Apply for an Indian Visa While in Australia?

All Australian nationals are eligible to apply for an Indian visa online, the portals remain functional 24 hours a day. Since the applicants are not expected to present any paperwork in person, the whole procedure of visa application can be smoothly completed sitting in the comfort of your home.

Before applying for the permit, all Australian nationals must ensure that they are eligible for all the Indian visa mandates. The mandates can be having a valid passport and a functional email address of the applicant.

After the above-mentioned criteria are checked, applicants are expected to fill the online application form with the required personal information for your passport, business and medical reasons. Applicants are also expected to give government-approved supporting documents which are uploaded digitally.

As soon as your visa gets approved, you will receive an email confirmation with the evisa attached to the mail. You can then print the visa and keep it safe with you to present it to the officials at the Australian as well as Indian airport.

Are Australian Citizens Eligible for Visa Upon Arrival in India?

Australians are not granted a visa upon arrival in India and it is mandatory for all visitors to apply for an Indian visa prior to departure. The Indian government started the eVisa facility to ease travel to the country and smoothen the application process for foreign visitors. 

The best part is that the Indian eVisa application is completely conducted online. The application form and all government-approved documents are to be submitted digitally. Upon approval, the evisa is mailed to the applicant. 

Australian travellers are only required to present their visa and passport to the airport security (and officials) at the time of checking. No travellers have to wait in line for a visa upon arrival. We advise all Australian nationals to obtain an eVisa for India minimum at 4 days prior to travelling. The good news is that most evisas are approved within 24 hours of application (if there are no mistakes in the documents provided). 


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