A Guide: Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for an Indian Visa Online

Updated on Jun 26, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

Applying for an Indian eVisa online has revolutionized the travel experience for countless individuals worldwide. This innovative system, designed to streamline the visa application process, offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. However, it is crucial to navigate the process meticulously, as even minor mistakes can lead to delays or rejections.

This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the necessary knowledge to avoid common pitfalls, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free Indian eVisa online application experience.

What is the Indian Visa Online or eVisa?

The Indian eVisa, introduced in 2014, is an electronic alternative to traditional visas for business, tourism, or medical visits. Stored on mobile devices, it grants hassle-free entry to India without passport stamping.

Here are the 2024 updates for Indian eVisa

Indian Immigration allows visit to India by applying for Indian Visa online for several purposes. If your intention for travelling to India relates to a commercial or business purpose, then you are eligible to apply for Indian Business Visa Online. If you are planning to go to India as a medical visitor for medical reason, consulting doctor or for surgery or for your health, then Indian Medical Visa Online is available for your needs. Indian Tourist Visa Online can be utilised for meeting friends, meeting relatives in India, attending courses like Yoga, or for sight-seeing and tourism.

Now, the processing is faster, attracting more tourists and business travellers. Eligibility now covers 171 countries, with new visa types like Conference and Sports Business visas. Tourist eVisas allow double entry for 30 days, but not for diplomatic or service/refugee passport holders. Entry via land borders is not allowed; registration is needed for stays over 180 days.

Use the Eligiblity Checker tool to find out if your country is eligible for Indian e-Visa and which all Indian e-Visa type you can apply for.

Now, let's discuss about the steps to apply for an Indian Visa Online (or Indian eVisa):

  1. Complete a simple online form at least 4-7 days before your India entry date. Provide personal, passport, and character details.
  2. Use a secure gateway to pay in over 100 currencies via Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, etc).
  3. After payment, submit additional documents based on your visit's purpose and visa type via a secure email link.
  4. Typically, receive your Indian e-Visa decision within 3-5 days. If approved, get your eVisa in PDF format via email.

What Documents are Required for an Indian Visa Online?

For an Indian Visa Online application, you'll need:

  • A scanned copy of the passport's first page, valid for at least 6 months from entry.
  • A recent passport-style colour photo of the face.
  • An active email address and a debit or credit card for payment.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes While Applying for an Indian eVisa?

Avoid Common Mistakes for Indian Visa

Let's face it – we're all human, and mistakes can happen. When applying for an Indian e-Visa, even minor errors can lead to significant complications. It's crucial to avoid common mistakes:

  • Double-check passport details
  • Choose the right visa type
  • Meticulously fill out forms for a seamless application

Some Common Indian eVisa FAQs

If I have an eVisa, do I still require a physical visa?

A: You don't require a physical visa if you possess a valid Indian eVisa. The eVisa serves as your official permission for travel.

What advantages come with obtaining an Indian eVisa?


Applying for an Indian eVisa online is convenient and efficient, but attention to detail and guideline adherence are crucial. By following the comprehensive advice in this guide, you can confidently navigate the process and avoid common pitfalls.

Now, where can you apply for an Indian eVisa quickly?

At INDIAN VISA ONLINE, you can apply directly on our website. Our experts help with form-filling and translating documents from over 100 languages to English, ensuring a smooth process. Don’t wait anymore; apply now.

Understand the requirements for an Indian e-Visa and learn about Reasons for Indian e-Visa rejection and useful tips to avoid them.