Monsoons in India for Tourists

Updated on Jun 04, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

Have you ever witnessed India in monsoon? If not, it’s your turn to enjoy the beauty of this wonderland in this monsoon.

First things first, we check the weather before planning a vacation itinerary. We also know that you guys are adventurers and nature lovers since you are here reading this content. Monsoon is love!

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Advantages of Traveling in the Monsoon to India

Reduced Crowd

Not everyone has the same spirit of exploration as you. So, travelling to India in the monsoon may feel a reduced crowd. That enables you to enjoy the land in peace.

Affordable Airline Tickets

During the monsoon, airline tickets to India become affordable. Not from everywhere and for all airlines. Do a little research and book your tickets accordingly.

Enjoy Heaven-like Scenery

The best part. Monsoon in India hits differently. The lush green landscapes, forts, beaches, palaces, heritage centers, etc. look extra sparkle during monsoon. Enjoy them and you have plenty of monsoon trekking options as well.

We've put up a list of locations in India that look amazing during the monsoon.


Goa looks beautiful during monsoon. Goa is a place of beaches. When the blues meets the blues it hits differently. There are so many water activities to explore especially during the rain. Enjoy the rain by relishing Goan delicacies.

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Imagine enjoying 570 islands sparkling in the rain. This place has everything to offer especially during monsoon. You can go on extra adventure by wandering through the wilderness. The beaches, mountains, nature, heritage sites, food huh! There is so much more!

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The Andaman&Nicobar Islands are paradise on the earth with their overwhelming culture and beauty. They comprise over 500 islands, sure heaven for adventure seekers.


Coorg is a place where you can find numerous species of flora and fauna. This place is for a real adventurer and a nature lover. Drench yourself into the beauty of nature in this monsoon. Trekking, birdwatching, animal watching, etc can be done during this time. Also, escape into the aromatic coffee made from the coffee plantations there.

Read more: Coorg, the land blessed with eternal beauty is rightly tagged as the Scotland of the East.


Monsoons in Lonavla

Lonavala is situated in Mumbai. Travelers can explore waterfalls, lush greenery, etc. The beauty of this place soothes your heart and glitters your eyes. Monsoon looks exceptional here. Don’t, miss it!


How many shades of green are you familiar with? Okay, Munnar located in Kerala will show you a whole bunch of shades of greenery. This is a hill station, where you can experience and enjoy the rain falling straight from the sky. Munnar has plenty of resorts, trekking options, wildlife watching, and sightseeing sites. Hope you will have a place in your itinerary for this place.

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The perfect option for monsoon. Shillong is a place that is exclusively dedicated to monsoon sightseeing and trekking. We bet you won’t be able to get over this beauty and you repeat coming here during all the monsoons.


Farmer in Monsoon

Kodai is a popular winter destination. However, people love to visit Kodai during monsoon. This place is a princess of hills, where you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of ghats. Travelers can participate in monsoon special activities as well.


This Bikers' favorite place looks like heaven during monsoon. Especially for the adventure seekers. Monsoon trekking, exploring historical, breathtaking views, etc. make you feel surreal.

Read more: Amidst the Zanskar mountain range, the Ladakh region in India, also known as Mini Tibet of the country due to its deep rooted cultural links with Tibetian customs, is a land where one can fall short of words while witnessing its beauty.


The city of lakes reflects special monsoon sparkles towards the historical palaces, forts, and sites on its banks. Witness the flawless beauty of history that tells stories of thousands of years and about all the monsoons they have been through. Never miss this place during monsoon.

Read more: Nestled in the state of Rajasthan, city of Udaipur often known as the City of Lakes given its historic palaces and monuments built around natural as well as man-made water bodies, is a place often easily recalled as the Venice of the East.

Himachal Pradesh

The rain itself is a magic. What if we enjoy this magic standing in a surreal place? Himachal, Manali, Shimla, Kulu, etc places give you that kind of feeling. Enjoy lush green landscapes, mountains, lakes, trekking, and other monsoon activities. This place is exclusively for the pluviophiles.

Enjoy every droplet of rain this monsoon. Pack your bags and get ready to enjoy some surreal moments of your life!

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