Reasons for Indian e-Visa rejection and useful tips to avoid them

Updated on June 04, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

The Indian e-Visa application process is the easiest process consisting of simple steps. However, the applicants face rejection sometimes. First, the applicant should complete the application with utmost care. Even tiny mistakes can pave you towards the denial of the e-Visa. Not only that, but there are also so tons of reasons behind that.

This article will discuss the reasons for Indian e-Visa Rejection and tips to get rid of them.

Understand the requirements for an Indian e-Visa

Before beginning the process, the applicant should have adequate knowledge of the whole procedure and the fundamental requirements. Understanding them would help applicants to get rid of mistakes. As we mentioned earlier, even a tiny mistake could result in rejection.

Essential requirements for an Indian e-Visa are:

  1. Your passport should be an Ordinary Passport. Learn more about passport requirements to avoid mistakes.
  2. Carry a Debit or Credit card for the final payments and a valid Email ID.
  3. You must not have a criminal history. You can read about the Visa Policy of India here.
  4. Understand more about Indian Visa Documents Requirements.

Here are the top Reasons for Indian e-Visa rejection and tips to avoid them

Hiding criminal background

Hiding your criminal history, even though it’s minor is not acceptable. Trying to deceive the Indian Immigration Authority, may cause higher penalties and punishments.

Not providing full name

This is a common mistake and easily avoidable but unfortunately is a major reason for the vast number of Indian e-Visa rejections. You must provide your full name including your surname, and middle name. Using initials and skipping middle names are not acceptable. For example, If your name is Emma Red Geller. You should fill out the full name. Emma R Geller or Emma Geller instead of Emma Red Geller is not acceptable.

Multiple/redundant application

This is one of the common reasons for an Indian e-Visa rejection. If an applicant has an approved & valid e-Visa, they should not apply for another e-Visa. For example, imagine you already have an Indian tourist e-Visa valid for 5 years. But somehow you lost the email and e-Visa. In that case, you can’t apply again for an Indian e-Visa of any kind. Because you already have a valid e-Visa for 5 years.

Pakistani origin

Suppose you have mentioned any linkages to Pakistan like you are a Pakistan-born individual or your close family belongs to Pakistan. Your Indian e-Visa Application will be rejected. If you want to travel to India it is better to apply for an ordinary visa.

Learn more about Indian regular visa procedures.

Incorrect e-Visa Type

When there is a mismatch between your main intention to visit India and the type of Indian e-Visa you apply for your application may get rejected. For example, your intention of visit is business but you applied for a tourist e-Visa. That is not valid.

Learn about types of Indian e-Visa available here.

Passport expiring soon

Your passport’s expiry date should be more than 6 months. Then your application will get rejected.

Not an Ordinary Passport

Diplomatic, and other kinds of travel documents are not acceptable for Indian e-Visa. You cannot apply for an Indian Visa Online even if you belong to an eligible country for Indian e-Visa. If you need to apply for an eVisa for India, you must have an Ordinary passport.

If you hold passports other than an ordinary one, then opt for a regular visa.

Insufficient Funds

The applicant must have enough funds to travel to India. You should carry all the financial proof to support the. Otherwise, the applicant’s application will be rejected.

Blurred Passport-Style Photo

Indian visa photograph

The passport-style photo you upload should be free from shadows and blurriness. Read more about Indian Visa Photo Requirements.

Unclear Passport scan

Passport Scan for Indian Visa

While uploading, please ensure that the bio page of your passport is clear. Please ensure that MRZ (Magnetic Readable Zone) is not chopped off in your passport. No need to have a professionally scanned or captured copy of the bio page. However, clarity is very essential.

Read more about Indian Visa Passport Requirements.

Information Mismatch

All the information provided should match the documents you have uploaded.

Reference Mismatch

An application for an Indian e-Visa needs a reference or contact from your home country or passport nation. This is essential in case of emergency. For instance, If you are an American citizen and have resided in the UK for a few years. In this case, you give an American reference only. Reference from the UK is not allowed.

Lost old passport

The applicant should give a police report of a lost passport if you have lost your old passport and wants to obtain a new Indian e-Visa.

Wrong e-Medical Visa

The applicant who wishes to take medical treatment in India should apply for a Medical e-Visa and 2 friends or family can accompany the Medical e-Visa patient on an Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa. Vice versa is not allowed. Understand how it works first. To avoid confusion, you can read about Medical e-Visa for India and Medical Attendant e-Visa for India.

Indian Medical e-Visa and missing letter

An authentic and clear letter from the Indian hospital you are consulting is necessary. The letter should be written in the Hospital’s letterhead.

Indian Business e-Visa Missing Requirements

Indian Business e-Visa requires all the information of the Indian organization the applicant is visiting also, their current foreign organization. Read more about India eBusiness Visa requirements.

Missing business card

To apply for an Indian business e-Visa the applicant must submit a business card that has all the current organization’s details.

Please note, even though the applicant received an e-Visa despite having the things listed above, they will get restricted at the entry point for sure. Additionally, the lack of 2 blank pages in your passport and incorrect or mismatched details may also restrict you from entering the country.

Be authentic and clear throughout the procedure for a hassle-free journey.

To prevent rejection of your Indian e-Visa application, it is crucial to pay attention to specific details. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact [email protected] or apply for an Indian Visa online, ensuring a simple, streamlined, and guided application process.

United States citizens, United Kingdom citizens, Australian citizens and German citizens can apply online for India eVisa.

Please apply for a Indian e-Visa a week in advance of your flight.