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Updated on Jul 07, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

For food enthusiasts, food is much more than just 3 meals a day. They explore their food palette in every way possible and experiment with what they are consuming. If you share the same love for street food, then the street food in India will certainly satisfy your expected food adventures. In every corner of India, you will find at least one interesting food items that you have never tried before. Being a country of diversity, every part of India has something special to offer, starting from the delicious pani puri in Delhi to Kolkata's puchka to Mumbai vada pav. Every city has food items quintessential to its culture.

Although it is not possible to explore and taste all the delicious street food items that the country has to serve, it is certainly possible for you to pick and choose the best of the lot, and to help you with this process we have curated this blog especially for you. We have very carefully chosen the most famous and preferable food items from nearly every corner of the country and mentioned in the article below. This way you do not have to waste your time being confused as to what to try and what to ignore. The list ensures that all kinds of tastes and flavours are included for the person referring to this list, ranging from spicy items to extremely sweet and delicious jalebis! We have catered to all tastes of the tester. Have a look at the food items mentioned below and see if you can get access to them. Bon Appetit!


One of the most common street food items that you will find almost in every city in India, is Panipuri or should I say Puchka? Or will it be better if I call it Gol Gappe or Gupchup or Pani ke Patakhe? Yes, is not that crazy that one food item has five different names! This is so because the food is found in almost every city in India and got named as per the colloquial term. The delicacy is prepared with mashed potatoes, a variety of spices are added to it which is then filled inside crispy ball-shaped structures. It is also filled with spicy and sour water to give it just the right tinge. If you happen to be in India, you should totally go for this very common and very preferable food item.

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Aalu chat

Aalu Chat is again a very common North Indian delicacy found primarily in regions of West Bengal, Bihar and Delhi. It is one of the most recommendable street food that you can try when you are in North India. The food item is prepared with potatoes, a variety of spices, coriander leaves, sometimes onion and tomato and depending on the region something or the other are either added or subtracted from it. It generally tastes a little spicy and sour, some sellers even make it sweet on request by adding tamarind juice to it. This street food is also common in the country of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The next time you visit North India, make sure you get your hands on Aalu Chat. It is not difficult to find and is extremely pocket-friendly too.

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Chole Bhature

Although the region of Punjab is recommended to try the best Chole Bhature in the country, however, as we have progressed with our experimentation with food and learning and acquiring new cultures, the whole of North India now serves lip-smacking Chole Bhature on your plate. It is primarily made of chickpeas and the paratha is prepared from the usual dough. The delicacy is a hit in North India, and it is recommended especially when you are extremely hungry and want something which is filling, not too spicy and just the right mix of sweet and sour.The delicacy is generally garnished with onion, coriander, a variety of spices and sometimes curd too before serving and is very easy-to-get street food in the whole of Delhi and Kolkata. Instead of being called just street food, you can even call it your meal for the day. The quantity of the food is enough to serve the purpose of a full meal. Don't miss out on India's Chole Bhature while you are here!

Vada pav

If you happen to travel to the city of Mumbai, you will notice that half of Mumbai's crowd relies on the very delicious Vada Pav for their evening snack. Some even prefer street food for their breakfast or even lunch. Vada Pav is generally made from mashed potatoes and bread. The food item is presented in such a manner with all its added spices and just the right hands to prepare the perfect outcome that the person eating it cannot deny the superiority of the street food over others. It is also one of the cheapest street food that you will ever come across. Although now this street food is found in almost all of North India, the true essence can only be felt in the state of Maharashtra where its roots belong.

In almost every corner of the city in the evening, you will find stall keepers preparing the food and people crowding the seller's cart. This food item is something you cannot afford to miss out on!

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Ghugni is another very commonly occurring street food in the whole of North India. It is a very simple delicacy and it's made tasty by the manner in which it is presented to the eater. The dish is primarily prepared from chickpeas but the taste develops through the spices and the ingredients used for garnishing the street food. The ghugni served in the streets of Kolkata would be highly recommended, although, you can even explore this food item in other North-Eastern parts of India. It is also quite pocket friendly and tastes mostly spicy, however, some sellers prepare it in tamarind juice that makes it spicy and sour.


This is one of the tastiest and most mouth-watering street foods of all. Rolls is a speciality of North India and there are various kinds of rolls you can indulge in, starting with veg roll where the paratha is made out of usual dough and is filled with cucumber, onion and a lot of spices and sauces. Sometimes mashed potatoes and shredded cottage cheese is added too. Then you have a chicken roll and egg roll with almost the same stuffing, just the smashed potatoes are replaced with shredded chicken and scrambled eggs. To make the street food even tastier, the seller sometimes adds shredded cheese and butter in the stuffing so that you never forget what delicacy you had. This food item rules as a top priority.

If you happen to visit any of the north Indian states, the city of Delhi and Kolkata however serves the best rolls to date. It is a delicacy you just cannot miss. You can also choose to have this street food as your lunch because it is quite filling to have.

Pav bhaji

Pav Bhaji is the queen of all street foods if you listen to us. It is the tastiest of all smashed potatoes you will ever have in your entire life. The word ‘pav’ means bread and it is prepared from the regular dough. ‘Bhaji' which means the curry is prepared with boiled potatoes mixed with a variety of ingredients which is then stir fried in butter. The street food is famous across India, is very light in consumption and is one of the cheapest of the lot. You will find roads in the cities of North India laced with stalls of Pav Bhaji sellers. It is one of the most common breakfast for city dwellers. People even prepare this meal at home because the recipe is quite simple and easy to execute. If you want to have the absolute best Pav Bhaji in India, you should head straight over to Delhi. The city sells one of the most delicious Pav Bhajis you will ever have in India.


This delicacy is specifically for those who have a sweet tooth and cannot resist the call of something so sugary and mouth watering. Jalebi is a sweet dish that is served almost everywhere in India, you can also assert it to be a dessert because some people prefer to have it after a good meal. It is a spiral shaped sweet dish that is prepared in hot oil, the cook generally wraps the batter in a cloth and through a small hole in the cloth he pores it in the boiling oil making a design through the pouring process. It is quite interesting to watch and the dish is something which belongs to heaven. It is best if you have jalebi while it is served hot and once you take get the taste of it you will not be able to stop at one.

Jalebi makers are easy to find and the food does not even cost much. This specific street food item is highly recommendable to people of all ages and for those who do not have tolerance for spicy or sour food items can definitely try this sweet magic.


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Litti chokha

This street food item is a very common take-away food from the streets of Bihar and Jharkhand, which is also the origin of Litti Chokha. The Litti is prepared with regular dough and the chokha is prepared with mashed potatoes, chillies and lots of other assorted spices. The Litti is baked while the Chokha is prepared in a small amount of oil. Litti Chokha also forms the staple food of the people of Bihar, if you happen to visit the state of Bihar you should definitely try Litti Chokha for breakfast.

Akki roti

Akki roti is a very famous South Indian street food found almost everywhere in South India. The dish is a staple of South Indians and forms a regular breakfast for many. The word 'Akki' stands for roti or flatbread. The roti is prepared by mixing rice flour with different kinds of vegetables (as per your choice). You can choose to instruct the cook on what all to add or subtract from the batter. Once prepared, Akki Roti is eaten either with coconut chutney or some kind of special chatni that is prepared by the cook. This street food is only found in the region of South India, if you happen to visit the place please try Akki roti as it is also healthy for your body and quite delicious for your tongue.

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