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Updated on May 28, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

This is an era of electronic visas or e-Visa. Almost every country in the world has introduced an e-Visa. Since 2014, India has also made e-Visa convenient for people worldwide. Moreover, India has introduced 5 different types of Indian e-Visas for tourism, business, medical, conference, etc.

This article comprehensively talks about Medical Attendant e-Visa. Before getting right into the topic, let’s examine some important aspects of e-Visa.

Five Types of Indian e-Visas

Here is the list of 5 Indian e-Visa categories-

Each of these five distinct e-Visas has a unique purpose. Additionally, there are differences in terms of the validity period, number of entries allowed during the validity period, and length of stay. Go to the links provided on the e-Visas to learn more about them if you are not here for a medical attendant e-Visa.

We shall therefore talk about the Medical Attendant e-Visa from this list.

What is an Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa?

Medical attendant e-Visa is exclusively for those foreign nationals, escorting patients to India for medical treatments. These medical attendants can be nurses, close family or friends. This enables patients to feel warm or less lonely while taking treatments from their country. To obtain an Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa the applicant should meet certain requirements. First and foremost, the patient they are escorting must have an Indian Medical e-Visa.

What is an Indian Medical e-Visa?

Indian Medical e-Visa is a type of e-Visa that enables patients to enter India to get medical treatments from an Indian hospital. An Indian Medical e-Visa holder can take 2 escorting individuals with them. The Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa is intended for those individuals’ escorting patients. Additionally, the patient's and the attendant's e-Visa validity period, number of entries, and length of stay are the same.

India Medical Attendant Visa

What is the Validity, Entry & Duration of Stay for an Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa Holder?

This is a short-term e-Visa that has a validity of 6 months. Triple entry and a continuous stay of up to 60 days are allowed. The same applies to an Indian Medical e-Visa holder as well.

How to Obtain an Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa?

The step-by-step process for obtaining an e-Visa is given below-

Step - 1

Visit the official Indian e-Visa Website

Step - 2

Find the Application Form

Step - 3

Choose the e-Visa type

Step - 4

Fill out the Application Form with your personal & passport details.

Step - 5

Upload essential documents.

Step - 6

Review and double-check the completed form and documents uploaded

Step - 7

Click the submit button.

A candidate may need to wait two to three business days to hear back on their application. In case of an emergency, the applicant can receive an eVisa in 24 hours

Essential Requirements Needed to Obtain an Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa

Please ensure that all the documents are in digital form.

A Valid Passport

  • A scanned copy of the applicant’s valid Passport’s Bio Page
  • Free from blurriness
  • It Should not be in black, white, or any other mono colors
  • A minimum validity of more than 6 months is required for the passport.
  • The applicant should have an ordinary passport.
  • File size-10 MB. However, any format is acceptable. (Size exceeds 10 MB then, send it to the Help Desk)

Passport- Style Photo

  • It should be your recent passport-style photo
  • The photo background should be plain.
  • Additionally, the photo background should be either white or light color
  • It should be clear
  • File size-10 MB. However, any format is acceptable. (Size exceeds 10 MB then, send it to the Help Desk)

Valid Email Address

  • Give your personal and active email address.

Financial Proof

  • The applicant should submit some financial proof like bank statements, paychecks, etc

Debit/ Credit Card

  • You should have a debit/credit card to make the final payment

The essential requirements are the ones listed above. Since the applicant is requesting an Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa, they should possess extra documentation.

What are the Additional Requirements to Apply for an Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa?

Here is the list of additional requirements-

Relationship Proof

The applicant should submit a relationship proof between the applicant and the patient with an Indian Medical e-Visa they are escorting.

Patient’s Details

  • The name of the patient who is the principal holder of the Indian e-Medical Visa (i.e., the patient).
  • The e-Visa number or application ID of the primary Medical e-Visa holder.
  • The passport number of the Medical e-Visa holder.
  • The date of birth of the top Medical e-Visa holder.
  • The nationality of the primary Medical e-Visa holder.

Patient’s Medical & Treatment Records

The applicant should have the complete medical and treatment records of the patient.

A Letter from the Hospital & Other Documents

The applicant should possess a letter from the Indian hospital they are visiting and other documents that explain more details about the hospital.

Escort Permission Letter

An Escort Permission letter is very important.

The applicant may also have to show their return ticket as well. So, organize all the documents and have a stress-free travel.

Also, please be authentic while filling out the application form as well as uploading the documents.

What is a MED X Visa & X-Misc Visa?

MED X visa is none other than a Medical attendant e-Visa. On the other hand, an X-Misc Visa is a type of medical visa that enables minor children to travel with their parents who possess an Indian Medical e-Visa.

Getting an e-Visa is not too difficult. The process of obtaining an e-Visa for India is really easy. There are excellent doctors in India who can cure the patient you are escorting.

Have a blessed journey!

There are over 171 nationalities eligible for Indian e-Visa Online. Citizens from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Cambodia, Cuba and Albania amongst other nationalities are eligible to apply for Online Indian Visa.