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Updated on May 24, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

India has always been travelers' favorite place for centuries. Travelers can witness & experience all sorts of marvels and wonders in India. This article is solely dedicated to tourists who wish to visit India.

To travel to India, you should apply for an Indian e-Visa. The Government of India introduced a Tourist e-Visa, exclusively for tourists.

What's great is that there are 3 kinds of Tourist e-Visas.

What is an Indian Tourist e-Visa?

The Government of India implemented the Tourist e-Visa in 2014. Even during peak travel seasons or holidays, this Indian Tourist e-Visa makes it easier for tourists to apply. Because of this hassle-free process, the tourists' interest in visiting India has enhanced.  And there are 3 kinds of e-Visa, which tourists can select according to their visit. Tourist e-Visa can be used for tourism, visiting family & friends, short-term courses like cooking, and recreational purposes.

What are the 3 Kinds of Indian Tourist e-Visas?

Indian Tourist e-Visa comes in 3 varieties as follows-

If a tourist wants to visit India briefly, they can go for the first, 1-month Tourist e-Visa, which comes with 30 days of validity, double entry, and a continuous stay of up to 30 days.

Or, A tourist who wants to spend time in India with their relatives, and friends exploring or wants to enjoy some short-term yoga or cooking classes,  can choose the second, 1-year Tourist e-Visa. This tourist e-Visa type comes with a validity of up to 365 days. Multiple entries are allowed within the 1 year of validity period. Also, a continuous stay of up to 90 days is allowed.

The 5-year Tourist e-Visa is third. This type of tourist e-Visa is for tourists who intend to spend an extended period exploring India. The validity of this kind of e-Visa is for five years. Of course, entries can be made more than once over the validity period of 5 years. Furthermore, a continuous stay of up to 90 days is permitted.

Tourists can choose the Indian Tourist e-Visa kind of their choice. Additionally, it is necessary to respect all the rules & regulations.

What is Needed for Obtaining an e-Visa for Travel to India?

To obtain an Indian Tourist e-Visa, You need to have specific documents and requirements. Please ensure that the documents are in digital form.

Fundamental Requirements are listed below-

Indian Tourist Visa

Valid Passport

  • The applicant should have a valid ordinary passport.
  • The Bio Page of the applicant’s passport.
  • A Bio Page contains the applicant’s personal & passport details.
  • A Colored Scanned copy is needed not white, black, or any other mono color.
  • Its validity period needs to exceed six months.
  • Diplomatic and other kind of passports are not accepted.
  • It should have 2 blank pages for entry & exit stamps.
  • Ensure the scanned copy of the passport you are uploading is clear and free from blurriness.
  • Any format and size up to 10 MB is acceptable.

(If size exceeds, send it to the Indian e-Visa Help Desk)

Passport-Size Photo

  • Digital copy of your recent passport-size photo.
  • There should be no shadows or blurriness, and everything should be crystal clear.
  • The photo background should be plain and white or light in color.
  • Any format and size up to 10 MB is acceptable.

Valid Email

  • The email address you are giving should be active and valid.
  • Approved Indian e-Visas will only be delivered to this email address.
  • Try to give a personal email address.

Financial Proof

  • The digital form of your financial proof is needed.
  • Your bank account needs to be sufficiently funded.
  • Always remember you are responsible for your expenses, not any country.
  • Bank Statements, Paychecks, etc can be considered financial proof.

Debit/ Credit Card

  • The applicant should have a debit or credit card to make the final payment.
  • There's no need to share any personal card information.

You might have to submit the information about your travel schedule and accommodation. It might be necessary for you to present them with your return ticket. Therefore, be ready for all of it. Presenting these to the immigration officials at the border may be sufficient, but uploading them is not required.

The applicant should meet the listed requirements to obtain an Indian Tourist e-Visa. Please note that the listed requirements apply to all e-visas. Other e-Visa kinds occasionally require documentation in addition to those listed above. Still, this is enough to obtain an Indian Tourist e-visa.

Processing Time

Your application form will be processed within 2-3 business days. You will receive an update following the review. Please make frequent checks on your email. A 24-hour processing time is also guaranteed for Indian e-Visas in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the application to apply for an e-Visa for tourists in India?

Visit the Indian e-Visa official website. You can see the Application Form there.

Can I extend the Indian Tourist e-Visa?

No, an Indian tourist e-Visa cannot be extended. If you desire to travel to India for a long period choose a Five year Tourist e-Visa.

What are the authorized entry and exit points for an Indian Tourist e-Visa holder?

There are numerous authorized entry and exit points in India. They are revised periodically. So check them often. Also, travelers can enter India by air & sea. And exit through air, sea, land & rail.

When visiting India as a tourist, should I bring a vaccination certificate?

There are certain rules related to vaccination and health like, If you are coming from a yellow fever-affected country then you must bring your Yellow fever Vaccination card. Go through the vaccination guidelines to know more.

How can I find out my eligibility to apply for an Indian Tourist e-Visa? 

As of 2024, 171 countries can travel to India on an e-Visa. If you are from any of those countries, you are eligible. Use eligibility tool to easily find out the different types of Indian e-Visa you are eligible for.

There are over 171 nationalities eligible for Indian e-Visa Online. Citizens from United Kingdom, Angola, Venezuela, United States, Vanuatu and Canada amongst other nationalities are eligible to apply for Online Indian Visa.