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Updated on Jun 13, 2024 | Online Indian Visa

The E-Conference Visa is an electronic visa and comes under the category of the specialized visa introduced by the government of India. This eVisa has made the entry to India easy and now many foreign participants can apply for attending international seminars, conferences, webinars or any business-related events.

The introduction of the E-Conference Visa, was initiated with the growing demands of foreign tourists visiting India for attending conferences. The government of India understands how important it is to provide services online for networking and for all kinds of global collaborations. The main aim of the E-Conference Visa is to make the visa application for foreign travelers easy, so that they can make a trip to India without any hindrance. We all know how important it is for industry experts to attend meetings, academic discussions, conferences and so on. This in turn helps cultural exchange as well.

However, if a foreign traveler wishes to see the beautiful places of India, can apply for the India e-Tourist Visa (or eVisa India). But, if you are visiting on a India e-Business Visa for business related activities, they can apply for Indian Visa Online. The immigration authorities welcome travelers to apply for the Indian visa online.

What is eligible for the Indian E-Conference Visa? What are its requirements?

Only those foreign travelers are allowed to apply for E-Conference Visa, who have been invited to attend the conference, or be a guest at the conference of present the conference, organized by any organizations or institutions in India.

Foreign travelers who have to visit India for attending business meetings, negotiations or any other commercial activities in the Indian branch office.

Foreign travelers who are the representative of the companies or organizations located overseas, visiting India to attend events, trade fairs, expos, exhibitions, etc.

Participants for skill development courses or training programs conducted by the Indian organizations.

Document requirements (essential)

  • The travelers need to have an invitation letter from the organization or institution in India.
  • From the Ministry of External Affairs, India, a political acceptance letter is required to avoid any political crisis.
  • Also, from the Ministry of Home Affairs, India, a clearance letter for conducting the conference.

What are the prerequisite terms and conditions to fit the eligibility criteria?

As the application process is smooth, you only need to make sure that you are eligible, and follow the terms and conditions:

  • Ordinary passport with a minimum 6 months validity.
  • E-Conference Visa applicants, must present a legal invitation letter from the organizers, conducting the conference. The invitation letter should include the conference details like start date, end date, purpose of the conference and the attendee’s (whosoever is traveling) name and his role in the conference.
  • Completed E-Conference Visa application, right from filling the details accurately to uploading the documents.
  • Payment of fees is necessary for submitting the E-Conference Visa application. The fees are different for nationalities belonging to different nations and the fees also depend on the duration of the stay.
  • For conferences being conducted in restricted regions, NOC must be provided.
  • Although it is not necessary, do keep your travel itinerary along with the details of the conference, for emergency situations.
  • The applicant for E-Conference Visa should also provide proof of funds, that he has enough money to support his accommodation, travel, and all other expenses during his stay in the country.

If the applicant fulfills the above criterias, then he can apply for the E-Conference Visa without having to be worried about cancellation.

Application Process Specifications

The application fee of the E-Conference Visa depends on the applicant's nationality and his duration of stay in India. Kindly check the application fees before, as at the final stage you will need to make the fee payment, only then your visa application can be submitted. You have to make the payment online.

The general processing time of the E-Conference Visa is 3-4 days, but it depends on the number of applications received, accuracy of the information provided, the documents submitted, verification, etc. Therefore, if possible apply days before your travel to India, to avoid unwanted delays. And if you wish to apply for a fast eVisa application, you need to pay extra fees, also the approval time depends on the same mentioned criterias.

What is the e-Visa Approval and Rejection Process?

Review Process

Evaluating the forms is an important step in shortlisting the applicants and determining whether they are eligible for the E-Conference Visa or not. Once the applicant submits his application, the immigration authority of India, conducts a thorough check, which includes the following steps:

  • The immigration authority of India verifies all details, checking if the form is completed, accurately filled, and if it's genuine. Any incorrect or false information provided the application will be rejected.
  • Security and background verification is conducted to make sure that the applicant does not have any criminal or fraudulent records, and does not pose any threat to the national security of India.
  • The applicant’s eligibility criteria is checked, if the application for E-Conference Visa meets the criterias mentioned.
  • Also, information regarding the conference is verified, along with the legality and relevancy to the reason the applicant has provided.

Reasons for Rejection

Here is a list of some of the common reasons as to why your eVisa application could be rejected:

  • If the applicant fails to provide complete and accurate information, or some documents are missing, the application might be rejected.
  • If during the background verification of the applicant, it is found that the applicant poses a threat to the national security of India, then his application will be rejected.
  • Applicants who do not fulfill the eligibility criteria for E- Conference Visa and do not submit the invitation letter to the conference details, etc, the application may be rejected.
  • Applicants with a previous record of violating the visa regulations or overstaying/ extending their stay with E- Conference Visa, their application can be rejected as well.
  • Also, the application may be rejected if the conference is found to be illegitimate with the purpose of the visa.
  • Applicants are also required to provide proof of funds to cover their expenses in India, failing to provide would lead to rejection.
  • In the E- Conference Visa application, if an NOC is requested, the applicant needs to provide the same, failing to provide would lead to rejection.

It is important to know that acceptance or rejection of the E- Conference Visa application will depend on the decision of the immigration authorities of India. If the visa is rejected, you have to accept the decision. Applicants are therefore requested to fill the form completely, provide correct details, and additional documents in regards to the visa.

What is the Validity and Renewal Process?

Visa validity period

The E-Conference Visa validity period depends on the duration of the conference, its start date and end date, keeping in mind that the traveler would require a few extra days before and after the event, to prepare before the start of the event and some days extra to prepare for his logistics after the event.

Applicants must know that E-Conference Visa is a temporary visa to attend only a specific conference in India. The E-Conference Visa holders are not allowed to engage in any other activities apart from attending the conference.

Visa Extension for E-Conference

In some cases, E-Conference Visa holders can request for extension in case there is a change in plan or if the E-Conference Visa holder wants to attend some additional activities in India. However, the extension depends on the immigration department of India, and you need to follow the following steps:

  • The E-Conference Visa holders must provide a valid acceptable reason for the extension like attending another conference in India.
  • Also, the E-Conference Visa holders need to apply for the extension of the visa, days before the expiry of the visa.
  • Supporting your reason for extension, the E-Conference Visa holder will have to provide additional proof of the same.
  • The E-Conference Visa holder will have to present the latest invitation letter to the conference from the organizer in India.

The introduction of the E-Conference Visa was an important step taken by the immigration authorities of India. This has helped in global association and also increasing the chances for foreign residents to attend conferences in India.

Other Important Frequently Asked Questions About E-Conference Visa You Must Know

What is an E-Conference Visa for India and what is its role?

The E-Conference Visa is an electronic visa and is one of the important categories of the specialized visa introduced by the government of India. This was beneficial for the citizens of foreign countries to attend conferences, seminars, and webinars conducted in India.

Are you interested in visiting India for a conference? Who is eligible for the E-Conference Visa?

Foreign individuals who are businessmen, delegates, participants, organizers, exhibitors, participants in training programmes, etc are eligible for the visa. Also, the applicant should provide the invitation letter as a proof from the organization or institution organizing the conference.

How can I apply for my E-Conference Visa?

With the help of a reliable portal accepting E-Conference Visa, you can apply here. The applicant must make sure to complete the application form, provide the documents and the pay fees and submit the application.

What is the duration or time alloted in the E-Conference Visa?

The validity period of the E-Conference Visa depends on the duration of the conference to be held in India, its starting date and end date. In regards to conference duration days, a few extra days are provided for making travel arrangements. Generally, the duration of E-Conference Visa is 30 days and allows only single-entry.

I want to extend my E-Conference Visa as I want to attend another event, is it possible?

In some cases E-Conference Visa holders can apply for extension, but you have to provide a valid legal reason and the latest invitation letter to the conference from the organizer or institution in India. The extension depends entirely on the immigration authorities of India.

What are the financial requirements of an E-Conference Visa?

In order to get your E-Conference Visa approved, you need to have proof that you have money to support your stay in India. You might be required to present documents like bank statements, accommodation, tour plan, sponsorship letters, etc.

What should I do if my E-Conference Visa software is rejected?

If the E-Conference Visa application is rejected, you have the option to appeal again, just follow the instructions to appeal.

There are reporting requirements for E-Conference Visa holders, what are they?

The E-conference visa holders may be asked to provide feedback to the conference organizers or Indian immigration authorities that they are complying with the visa rules and conditions. Most of the time reporting requirements happens from the organizers side.

What are the positive outcomes of the E-Conference Visa?

With the E-Conference Visa support, international businessmen, delegates, organizers, participants, and so on are able to attend the conferences held in India, which has led to big collaborations, attracting contributors to India and thus enhancing economic development in India. Also, this participation by foreign residents in international meetings has reduced cross-cultural differences.

How can I seek help concerning the E-Conference Visa?

You can get help from reliable websites through which you have applied for the visa or through the consulate of India. Applicants will be provided proper guidance and assistance in regards to visa application and your queries will be resolved.